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Betsy DeVos and Her Desire to Improve Education

Betsy DeVos has become a very important person to the education system in America. She has created platform where she is able to make contributions to education and provide a better way for students to learn about new things. She has been an advocate of reforming education system, and her role as the Secretary of Education may finally give her a chance to do this.

Betsy has definitely been in a place where she has been improving the education system in Michigan and beyond. She has always been fond of charter schools, and she believes that this may be the answer for children do you not have access to high-quality public education. She believes that a leveled playing field is essential when it comes to education. Betsy believes that there is no reason for people that are in poverty to have restrictions on their education system. She believes that everyone should have the same equal choices to get a quality education if it is their desire to do so. She believes that there is a need for a staff that is passionate about education around the world. Check her website for more info at

Many times the teachers that simply collect the check and put grades in the grade book are not so passionate about the learning experience for their children. This is what Betsy DeVos want to change, and I think that this is what is needed in education. She wants to get more people in place that are actually going to place some type of value on the education system. She wants to be able to provide education structure where children are eager to learn. This is why she and her husband Dick DeVos created the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. They are interested in giving to education because they want kids to have better opportunities. Children that have better opportunities are going to be much more productive citizens.

This plays a role in lowering crime rates and increasing the gross national product. In many areas in education the United States is behind lots of other countries. Betsy Devos wants to change this during her time as Secretary of Education. She does not want to come in last place in so many different environments. What she would prefer to do is build an education system in the US where children can be proud of their ranking against other children in other countries. She wants the U.S. to become a country where innovation is key and fewer jobs are going overseas. DeVos wants American citizens to have the capability to do some of the complex jobs that have been passed down to other countries due to a lack of experienced professionals that are educated in certain subjects.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny and his Successful Career

Mikhail Blagoslonny is a professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Here he carries out extensive research on cancer and aging which are critical areas of study in the modern world. The scientist, who resides in New York is also oncology professor at the same institution. Blagosklonny is a talented scientist who has a rich educational background.

He studied internal medicine and enrolled for a doctorate because of his desire to excel in the field of research. He studied cardiology and medicine, fields which are essential for its area of interest.

After doing a doctorate, he got an appointment at the New York Medical College where he started serving as an associate professor in the field of medicine. He served the college until in 2002 when he went to Ordway, which is a research institute. Here, he held a position of senior scientist and continued to gain experience which led him to get a position as an oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The institution is well-known for working with scientists to discover ways of helping cancer patients. Through their extensive research, they have found some ways of helping cancer patients. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

The institution has every belief that Mikhail Blagosklonny has all it takes to help it in teaching students who are passionate about oncology. Through this position, Mikhail Blogosklonny has worked with other researchers and students. Mikhail is always ready to work with others and help students understand the field so as to become future scientists. At the institution, Mikhail has played a significant role in making a breakthrough on cancer and aging. His primary focus is cancer therapies and protection of healthy cells. He is also focused on the mechanism that underly aging.

Mikhail is also known for the formulation of the hypothesis on TOR as a signal for aging. The theory claims that TOR signaling is a key factor in cancer and aging. If the theory is correct, then drug such as rapamycin could be helpful in the treatment of cancer and extension of life. The scientist also carries out other endeavors such as editing. He works with Aging, Cell Cycle nd Oncotarget journals where he has significant contributions. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

What you need to know about Vijay Eswaran

Personal life

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is a passionate philanthropic individual in charge of QI diversified conglomerate. He has successfully managed to create a legacy with his exemplary leadership skills and intellect.

He is in charge of ensuring that the conglomerate thrives in all sectors especially in sales throughout the country. The businessman is mentioned widely as a mentor who inspires many through his corporate social responsibility and philanthropic works.

The QI group was founded in 1998 and has continued to diversify its businesses globally with its regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. His marketing and management prowess have made him expand the Kuala Lumpur-based QI groups to over twenty countries. He has managed to build a movement in multilevel network marketing his name as one of the most charismatic self-made leaders in the Asian continent.

Life Achievements

The astute businessman completed his studies at London School of Economics where he pursued a degree in socio-economics. He did menial jobs in Europe and later obtained a masters degree from the Southern Illinois University. Vijay Eswaran is not only an entrepreneur but is a prolific author and motivational speaker.

He has spoken in various international forums on management. His words portray an individual who dons many hats as a public intellectual and a proficient business tycoon. His books explain how individuals can make positive progress and become the movers and shakers of this generation.

Vijay Eswaran has earned numerous accolades in philanthropy and a massively successful economist of all times. He decided to branch out on his own once he had mastered network marketing he was exposed to. After a stint at IBM, he ventured out and together with Joseph Bismarck; they helped create the QI group of companies.

With limited capital and the economic regression facing China at the time, they managed to gain competitive advantage and made it a multibillion empire. The accolade the businessman has earned has made him one of the most respected Asian Businessman.

Forbes has classified him as one of the richest and influential men in Malaysia. His thriving businesses acumen has made the business to thrive despite all the shortcomings of network marketing.

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