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The Accomplishments of Kevin Seawright in His Successful Career

Mr. Kevin Seawright is an active member of the Newark CEDC team. He is located in New Jersey. He can attract and maintain operations in the Newark city. Mr. Kevin Seawright is a top accounting expert with remarkable skills in operations and management of capital. He can pursue his mission and objectives of Newark CEDC.

Mr. Seawright has successfully been in many government positions for over thirteen years. Mr. Kevin Seawright is professionally an accountant. He started his career in finance in Baltimore. He got several awards for providing the best results. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

One excellent achievement of Mr. Seawright is joining Newark CEDC. Mr. Seawright has dedicated to coming out to help the urban regions to develop with the assistance of different programs. These initiatives played a pivotal role in changing the people’s lives.

Mr. Seawright is aware how to adjust to the highly challenging circumstances that need an innovative outcome. He played a significant role in giving the contribution to the awards. He was introduced to financial management by his parents when he happened to be young. This helped him to accomplish his objectives. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:–rps-solutions-llc-fill-baltimores-belvedere-square-with-first-time-homebuyers-300263533.html

He began his first task to alter the people’s lives when he was just 12 years of age. He has worked in many youth programs in Philadelphia city. He has assisted several communities to improve the people’s lives to a great extent.

He has a belief in sheer devotion, and that has given him an inspiration. He has brought about a very real alteration in the areas in which he worked. He dedicates his contributions to the society.

Kevin Seawright has utilized his financial management skills to improve the people’s lives. He has got vast experience in managing the financial arena for the public agencies. Mr. Seawright began his professional life to enhance the economy of Newark city. The company has to focus on providing economic activities that may cause complete development in the city.

The company Newark CEDC aims for the small businesses that need some funding for various projects. Mr. Kevin has the notion that one can have success if he or she gives a contribution towards the community.

Richard Blair is Providing Optimal Solutions of Financial and Retirement Planning

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has decided to offer his clients top services that will enable them to develop, manage, and protect any assets that they may have. Clients are finding resourceful advisers and partners in the business Richard Blair has developed and maintained. He is very experienced and possesses several certifications, some of which include the CFS, RICP, and CAS.Learn more :


Blair’s company Wealth Solutions is an advisory firm that specializes in investments. It’s based in the capitol city of Texas and operates as an RIA firm, which is an acronym of Registered Investment Advisory.


Blair is running his business under the belief that everyone needs solid plans that will provide them with opportunities of potentially pursuing all of their financial endeavors. He is aiming to arm the community of Austin, Texas by providing financial and retirement planning services to clients. His company is currently following a three pillar approach that consists of several elements to them. This particular approach allows his firm to quickly determine its clients’ financial circumstances and their needs of retirement planning. It’s simply to develop holistic plans that can be considered as being custom-made for every client.Learn more :


Pillar one is designed specifically to assist clients with laying out their road maps of financial plans. It’s identifying their goals, strengths, opportunities of growth and risk tolerances. By understanding where clients are arriving from, it’s simply to assist them with forging great financial road maps to follow and proceed with.


Pillar two is utilized to develop strategies that are long-term and meet clients’ investment needs. It’s tailored to the liquidity needs and investment goals of specific clients. Richard is currently reallocating and managing assets so that he can provide maximum levels of performances for each client’s portfolio when markets allow it. He is also working on reducing any negative impacts that may affect clients’ investments when markets are not doing too well.Learn more :


The third pillar consists of Richard meeting clients’ insurance needs upon determining their goals and planning strategies so that they can be achieved. It includes life insurance, annuities, and long-term car. If you are seeking to achieve financial planning assistance from someone who has certainly established quite a positive reputation within the community for providing such services, then Richard Blair is certainly the individual who you should consider contacting and depending on.


Heiligenstein Offers Many Mobility Solutions Besides MoPac

In a statement from Mike Heiligenstein in response to a comment on September 3 in the Editorial viewpoints section of the American Statesmen on the woes of traffic congestion in the Texas region, he agrees that further mobility solutions are needed in the area and vows to continue working to improve the mobility of the state’s roads.

The Viewpoints editorial comment suggested the need for a technology solution to the traffic congestion experienced in Austin, Texas. In addition to building more roadways with better flow management, this is exactly what Heiligenstein is doing with the MoPac Express Lanes that are being built. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

The use of technology will help to manage the flow of traffic using the toll lanes. Heiligenstein also suggested that congestion could not be completely eliminated but it could be managed better by building and having systems in place to manage that traffic flow like building “ smart roads” with fiber lines along 183 South between US 290 and the airport. He anticipates a future where vehicles will be able to “talk” to the road infrastructure, such as if a car is going up the wrong way on an exit ramp.

Mobile apps are also being created for drivers to supply them with alternative routes when accidents or other traffic congestion occurs. Heiligenstein is also working with motorists to encourage them to pedal and walk instead of drive.

There are dedicated pedestrian and bike paths that people can use to accomplish this task. He is also working on getting more people to commute and use the empty spaces in vehicles and get more cars off the road.

There is even a program to help motorists who are having problems on the roadway and need roadside assistance to get them going again. This will also help to eliminate traffic congestion due to breakdowns on the roadways by motorists.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Mike has served the Mobility Authority since 2003. He has served this agency from its days as a start-up transportation company to what it is today which is a nationally recognized leader in toll road operations.

Mike is often called upon to speak both nationally and in Texas to talk about infrastructure and transportation and he is committed to creating solutions for regional roadways. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in Government, Masters in Government and Masters in Business Administration.

Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

End Citizens United: People Who Are Working For The Legal Rights Of A Common Man

In this time when people are such much busy in their circles of life and their problem, there is a team of an expert of still cares for the nation and the future of the American nation. End Citizen Unites the group of individual who have devoted their life to that cause and working very hard so that they can kick out the new trend that is taking over the election system of America.



A system that can help everyone to fight for their right and that election should go properly without any foreign investment that’s being done these days so that a person can be hired for the crucial position of government without getting chosen by the nation through the voting system but got chosen due to the worth financial basis.



People these days are using their black money in the advertisement for the fund, and that’s how they are turning their black money into white. ECU is standing in front of such issues so that the government knows that there is no king system and he can’t say whatever they think is right.



The decision of Supreme Court in 2010 is also shaded some light in the same issue of foreign investment for the election funding. SC said that such investment is illegal and one should properly investigate before accept any funding because no one who what is the base of funding. Is that a tax paid funding money or someone is trying to convert the black money into white money. Those who don’t know the different black and white money, Black money is that on which tax hasn’t paid to the government and vice versa white is the one on that tax is paid already.



Supreme Court also said that organizations corporation‘s people and the government should allow any individual or company to fund the government without proper verification. That’s the main problem, and that’s the main cause for which End Citizen United is a fight. People at ECU know that if they do not stand now, time is not far when their coming generation will going to see the aftermath of such changes. ECU believes that it is the right of an American citizen to choose the best candidate to run the government and that right should be with common people. No one, even if it is a company of individual who has money, can have the right to decide the future of America or the citizens of America.