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Heiligenstein Offers Many Mobility Solutions Besides MoPac

In a statement from Mike Heiligenstein in response to a comment on September 3 in the Editorial viewpoints section of the American Statesmen on the woes of traffic congestion in the Texas region, he agrees that further mobility solutions are needed in the area and vows to continue working to improve the mobility of the state’s roads.

The Viewpoints editorial comment suggested the need for a technology solution to the traffic congestion experienced in Austin, Texas. In addition to building more roadways with better flow management, this is exactly what Heiligenstein is doing with the MoPac Express Lanes that are being built. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

The use of technology will help to manage the flow of traffic using the toll lanes. Heiligenstein also suggested that congestion could not be completely eliminated but it could be managed better by building and having systems in place to manage that traffic flow like building “ smart roads” with fiber lines along 183 South between US 290 and the airport. He anticipates a future where vehicles will be able to “talk” to the road infrastructure, such as if a car is going up the wrong way on an exit ramp.

Mobile apps are also being created for drivers to supply them with alternative routes when accidents or other traffic congestion occurs. Heiligenstein is also working with motorists to encourage them to pedal and walk instead of drive.

There are dedicated pedestrian and bike paths that people can use to accomplish this task. He is also working on getting more people to commute and use the empty spaces in vehicles and get more cars off the road.

There is even a program to help motorists who are having problems on the roadway and need roadside assistance to get them going again. This will also help to eliminate traffic congestion due to breakdowns on the roadways by motorists.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Mike has served the Mobility Authority since 2003. He has served this agency from its days as a start-up transportation company to what it is today which is a nationally recognized leader in toll road operations.

Mike is often called upon to speak both nationally and in Texas to talk about infrastructure and transportation and he is committed to creating solutions for regional roadways. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in Government, Masters in Government and Masters in Business Administration.

Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

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