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Dick DeVos Following his Parents Philanthropy Footsteps

The DeVos family have emerged influential not because of their wealth but because of their philanthropy work in the community. The DeVos is the most influential family in West Michigan. The Van Andel and Meijer families are also rich and philanthropy minded. In their lifetime according to records, they have Forbes magazine, the DeVos family has contributed approximately $1.2 billion to charitable organizations.


The family is ranked the twentieth on Forbes’ Top 50 giver list. The DeVos is known for supporting conservative political parties and candidates. It has funded institutions such as think tanks because of its conservative approach. In 2013, the DeVos gave out $90.0 million. Out of this, 48% went to education, 27% to health works and community services, 12% was donated to art and culture, and the remaining 13% went to churches and other religious organizations. The health and community organizations they funded include the Heritage Foundation and the Mackinac Center based in Midland.


In 2014 the family donated $94 million, the family donated 45% to education, 35 to health and community services, 15% to art and culture and the remaining 5% to churches are other religious organizations. Out of all the $94 million, $54 million was used in Michigan.


The DeVos family has a total of five foundations. Rich and his beloved wife founded the Richard and Helen Foundation. They have four children, and each one of them together with their spouses has a foundation. They include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Douglas and Mari DeVos Foundation, the Daniel and Pamelas DeVos Foundation and the CDV5 Foundation.


The five family foundations work together, and their donations often target needy people in West Michigan. In 1959, Richard and Helen co-founded Amway with Jan Van Andel. The direct selling private business made Rich DeVos emerge the second richest person in Michigan. Each of the family foundation plays different leading roles to aid the giving of the whole family. Due to their influence, the DeVos family members have served on several boards of non-profit organizations across the country.


Dick DeVos has spent most of his career life as an executive officer of several organizations. These include Amway, the Orlando Magic. He is currently the president of the Windquest Group. He served as the president of Amway between 1993 and 2002. He also founded the Education Freedom Fund that gave out 4,000 scholarships to children in Michigan. He is a Northwood University graduate. He is a professional jet and helicopter pilot.


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