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Daniel Taub: Diplomat behind the good relationship between U.K and Israel

Diplomacy is one of the best ways to approach matters of international concern. It is the method that has been used by countries across the continent to resolve issues whenever there are some. It has become a tradition for countries to appoint ambassadors as a sign of friendship.

The main reason why this is done is to show that the countries have deep relations that need to be addressed with greater attention to details. To facilitate the engagements, representatives who understand the need for a relationship between the two countries are delegated the duty to handle the matter on behalf of the governments. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

In the history of the world, diplomats are the people who take care of the interests of a country in the other country. It is a practice that has become so important in today’s politics where countries are forming trading blocs among other treaties as a sign of cooperation.

No country can live on its own. Every country needs the support of other countries. The role of the diplomats becomes very important when dealing with such matters are on the table for discussion. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Two countries that are at the center of this article are the United Kingdom and Israel. One is in Europe while the other is in the Middle East. The two countries have established a relationship that has lasted for years. They have been cooperating on various areas, from trade to education and even international politics.

The friendship between the United Kingdom and Israel has never been better as it happened during the tenure of Daniel Taub. He was a diplomat who was appointed by Israel in 2011 to serve as the ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom; he was only going to serve his country in the country of his birth.

The fact that Daniel Taub was going back to his country of birth to serve as a diplomat was one of the best decisions Israel has ever made. Taub was aware of the British culture and would have an easy time navigating around the issues that took him there.

True to the belief of his masters, he did not disappoint. He worked so hard and was declared by the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom as the best diplomat who has served the country in a foreign nation.

Daniel ensured that his country benefited from the diplomatic relationship through education and trade. Trade in just four years doubled, something that never with the ambassadors before him. The two countries now enjoy better relationship due to the work of Daniel Taub.

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