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Dick Devos’ Organization Background: Furniture City & Stow Company

Certain locations are ideal for certain businesses. The successful businessman understands this. Is this why Businessman Dick Devos has built up his Stow Company in Furniture City?


Furniture City


Grand Rapids, Michigan was known for years as Furniture City. It had some of the highest concentrations of large furniture makers in the country. It makes sense since the state is well-known for its rich forest wilderness.


Due to being on the Great Lakes, Michigan was also a great location for industry. The very name of the city of Grand Rapids is from the rapids on the Grand River. This would be the city that President Gerald Ford grew up in.


President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout and Michigan Wolverines football player. The local Grand Rapids international airport is named after Gerald Ford. And that is where Dick Devos spent his time as a pilot.


Mr. Devos also created a charter school right at the airport for those who wanted to become pilots. Now, Dick Devos has his own furniture, home furnishings and home organization company – Stow.


Stow Company


Businessman Dick Devos’ Stow company is focused primarily on organizing your closets. It carries the Org Home, Easy Closets and Easy Track brands. The Easy Track motto is “as easy as it gets.”


Life can be full of clutter after you accumulate a lot of stuff. Now, the ORG Home brand can help you become more efficient. If you have purchased furniture from any of the top companies in Furniture City, then you might need a better way to organize your space.


The Stow Company storage solutions include closet organizers, garage storage systems, pantry organizers, wall beds, entertainment center, mudroom lookers, you name it. You can even have your home storage solution system customized by the Stow expert carpenters.


Building Upon Bedrock


So, when President Trump wanted to organize the nation’s airline regulator – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – where did he turn? To Grand Rapids, Michigan “Furniture City.” If the citizens of Michigan can build the furniture for your home, can’t they help rebuild America?


Pilot Dick Devos has brought his organizational skills to the FAA’s civilian oversight committee. There are bound to be numerous airplanes and airports, around the country that need to be better organized. His Stow Company has prepared him for this role.


When you need organization and rebuilding, you turn to Dick Devos. He is from the city known for building furniture. Now, America waits for Dick Devos to reorganize its airports and make it great again!


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