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Alexandre Gama Is The Best In Advertising In Brazil – And Here Is Why

     Advertisements are quite literally everywhere we look: on television, the Internet, adorned on billboards people see tens of when driving on highways, and everywhere else imaginable. Advertising and mass communications are very much some of the most important aspects of doing business that entities can and often do engage in.

Mr. Alexandre Gama is one of the most popular figures in advertising throughout the country of Brazil. He’s known by most people in Brazil as the owner and founder of Neogama, an advertising firm that consistently ranks among the top 20 in Brazil in terms of how many advertising revenue dollars it brings in.

However, Mr. Gama has also served several other companies throughout his 36-year career, has been atop several boards of directors of important organizations in both Brazil and in other countries, and won tons of awards that would arguably take a novella to detail.

Throughout the entirety of Mr. Alexandre Gama’s career, he has brought in 23 Lions from the Cannes Film Festival – the Cannes Film Festival – in France throughout his career for various accomplishments in advertising. By 2016, he had also been in the position of Jury Member in the Film and Press a respectable three times. Such positions are only given to those who have extensive experience in the worlds of film and press.

That same year, Alexandre Gama was named to the Global Creative Board of the Publicis Groupe, a committee that has six of the most important worldwide leaders of advertising and marketing agencies. The committee is responsible for innovation in the advertising efforts of the Publicis Groupe, a business conglomerate that owns some of the biggest companies in all of Europe.

Neogama rose to fame after it grew more rapidly than any other advertising agency throughout the history of Brazil.

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