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Drew Madden Talks Developments In The Healthcare Sector In 2018

Almost every sector and industry has witnessed a positive development owing to the development of technology. The medical industry too is no stranger to this and has seen a significant amount of changes to its workings and systems with new implementations that have come its way. New technology has been able to open up new avenues within the healthcare sector which otherwise would not have been possible.

With more developments in technology coming our way, there is no doubt that the medical industry will be seeing a positive change. Smart hospitals are going to become more popular as basic surgical procedures now being able to be performed by robots. The way that information is stored and analyzed in hospitals is also going to see a certain amount of change. Hospitals are now beginning to make better use of software that can aid them with analytics. A lot of the administrative procedures at hospitals are also going to be automated further than what they currently are.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are also going to implement the use of social media and technology to connect with their patients better. More apps are going to be developed by companies in the healthcare sector to provide their patients with the information that they need. Things like hospital appointments and procedure bookings will also now be able to be made with mobile apps. Digital platforms are now becoming the preferred way to communicate, and the healthcare sector to is potentially going to be incorporating this in 2018.

Drew Madden is no stranger to the field of healthcare and IT. He is an investor who has worked specifically with companies in those two sectors, helping them progress their businesses into the future. He has worked with several clients through the years, offering them his expertise in financial planning. Currently, Madden serves as the President to Nordic Consulting Partners, a company which he joined in 2010. While working as the president, he has greatly benefited the outcome of the company. Nordic has seen incredible growth, both in their employee base and the profits that they are receiving.

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