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Penelope Kokkinides talks about the issues healthcare is facing with President Trump

Entrepreneurs that have been in business for long advice the people on what they can read so that to gain the needed knowledge and to achieve the success how they need to plan their day. Penelope Kokkinides that works at InnovaCare has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, and she has helpful advice to offer other people. The book that she recommends new entrepreneurs to read is Start with Why written by Simon Sinek. At the InnovaCare she is the Chief Administration Officer, where she is responsible in the daily management of the firm by being aware of all the operations that will take place in the company. Before she joined InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides was employed at Aveta where she offered her services as the Chief Operating Officer. The same function is what she provided to Touchstone Health. Penelope Kokkinides attended the Binghamton University where she got his bachelor degree in biological science, but that was not the end because she joined New York University where Penelope attained her master ’s degree in social work.

There is a recent meeting that she attended at the white house to talk about the issues that face healthcare sector that was conducted by Trump and administer Verma. At the meeting, she suggested that for the people of Puerto Rico they have a chance of getting the best healthcare. She went ahead to present President Trump with ways she thinks can be used so that to improve the procedure in the healthcare industry and the policies too. She was among the women that were invited to the panel so that to talk about the healthcare issues. She was not alone she was in the group of other professionals and executives. At the meeting, the things that Penelope Kokkinides talked about are getting the right funding for the healthcare sector in Puerto Rico area. She addressed the cut of $1 million that had taken place was more, and the people were suffering.

The hopes that Penelope has is that the administration of Donald Trump will do something about the funding for the advantage of Medicare and for the cuts that were taking place will be fixed. She knows that it will be the best thing for the people of Puerto Rican because that means that they will receive the best when it comes to their health. The funding will prevent the program not to collapse, and if it collapses, then the people will relocate to the United States where the cost is not better.


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