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Steve Ritchie: A Letter Of Hope

Papa John’s Pizza has currently gone through a top management transition amid growing outrage from the public over a controversy that almost ruined the companies name and business. Steve Ritchie has officially taken over the duties of CEO of Papa Johns Pizza effective January 1st, 2018. Steve Ritchie has been a long time employee of the Papa Johns family starting at as a customer representative earning only $6 dollars an hour. Steve Ritchie quickly rose through the ranks of the company and most recently held the position of President.

Steve Richie’s first act as CEO is to write directly to the customers primarily to apologize and outline how the company will take responsibility from here than on. In the letter he would remind customers that Papa John’s is not anyone one individual, they are a company made up of people of their own community and thousands of others in similar towns like theirs. He would go on to say, however, that no intolerance and hate for another human being should or would be tolerated, therefore his leadership would take a course of not only writing words but taking action. Steve Richie promised that all locations will undergo a series of steps to audit the companies culture which will allow him to understand the companies strengths and weaknesses. Many of the top management team will be on the road themselves, including Steve Richie visiting these locations. He ends the note by thanking once again the customer for their loyalty and understanding during this hard time in the company.

Prior to this letter, an email sent to customers contained a similar note to customers, this was not written by Steve Ritchie Papa John’s though and when he read it the letter was not enough for him, and understandably so as the first letter showed little empathy and concluded with almost no apology. The letter was then re-written by Steve Ritchie to include these missing parts and distance themselves as much from prior leadership. Although the first letter was the second catastrophe due to the lack of empathy, the quick edit by the CEO gives customers hope that good change is coming.

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