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The Busy Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has been completely dedicated to working out every single day since his late 20s. So dedicated is he, in fact, that when he and Kelly Ripa took their show to the Bahamas for a special “Live With Kelly and Ryan” taping, Ryan paid to take his trainer with him so he could continue his rigorous daily workout routine. During these workouts, he runs, boxes, and does the Peloton bike. Ryan says that he begins each average workday by commuting about seven minutes to work. His workday will usually be extremely busy.

Seacrest is known for having one of the busiest schedules in the business. Through long experience with this type of schedule, he has learned the most effective techniques for dealing with it. In an interview with GQ, Ryan said that one of his primary and most valued techniques is to shut down his phone when he’s on a trip. Ryan says that while most of the time he is a vegan, he loves to sit down to a full meal with great wine. He loves to have meals like this with his family on Fridays and Saturdays.

One of his earliest jobs included working for Dick Clark. It is from Clark that he learned the secrets of being a successful host on television. Ryan particularly credits Clark’s advice for helping him be a successful host on American Idol. One of the many things that Ryan does is host a nationally syndicated radio show. This show is known as “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” This is an incredibly popular show that broadcasts 4 hours every weekday. Being so energetic, engaging, and knowledgeable about show business, he makes the perfect radio host.

He even has his own clothing line of men’s suits called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction.” Ryan is also involved in a number of youth-oriented charity projects across the nation. Ryan is such a personable individual that it probably comes as no surprise that he has many close friends among celebrities and fans alike.

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