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Victoria Doramus Is a Business Professional on the Move

When it comes to being creative in the print and media universe, Victoria Doramus has her finger on the pulse. Her background in print and media is impressive. She stands out for her ability to combine branding, advertising, and media in effective ways. She has the education for it as well. She received her BA degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She can also add to her resume experience working with the likes of Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, and Creative Arts Agency.

Victoria Doramus also has considerable experience working in the film and television industry. She gained this experience working with producer and director Peter Berg. This gave her additional experience which enables her to be more creative in all of her work.

Marketing professional Victoria Doramus also takes time out of her life to commit to charity work. Several charities she sponsors include Room to Read, Best Friends and Animal Society, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Women’s Prison Association. Much of her philanthropic work enables her to achieve personal goals.

Victoria Doramus also shares a habit that enables her to be productive. She writes down everything she needs to do a day ahead before she goes to bed. She writes it down on paper because the likes the feeling of being ol’ school in this manner. She likes the feeling of checking things off the list as she completes them. Getting things done allows her to manage her time far better and to concentrate on being creative. There is a lot more for Victoria Doramus to achieve. The world is sure to hear from her for some time to come.

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