Cancer Diagnoses Has Taught Heath Ritenour the Importance of Listening to Other People

Most business leaders tend to have a perception that they already know better than any other individual in the business. That is why it has been very hard for most of them to listen to what other employees in the business have been saying. Obviously, some of them have been very successful in their approaches while others have not been able to achieve any form of success owing to this perception of thinking they are right about everything.

In the same way, Heath Ritenour was a business leader who was not listening to what other people were trying to tell him. Obviously, he has been a very successful organizational leader in the insurance business. This has enabled him to have unmatched confidence that has been making him have a feeling that he can easily be able to achieve everything in the industry without consulting other individuals in his organization.

However, the journey of cancer and confinement in a medical facility has made him listen to other individuals and have a perception that listening to other individuals out there in the world has been very beneficial. Heath Ritenour knows that most of the people have been having the authority they have been demonstrating because they have been working in some of the industries where they have unmatched experience.

However, when such individuals join other sectors where they do not have any experience, it is this time that they feel they have to listen to other people and pay attention to their opinions. In this case, Heath Ritenour had to make sure that he was listening to his doctor as he is the only one who knew how he could address the illness. Without the services of the doctor, Heath would not have been able to recover from the killer disease that continues to kill very many people in the world.

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