Joseph Ashford Talks On How to Embrace Professional Work with Your Investment Approach

When he was young with his first business, he was able to invest money that would be considered ‘unproven’ by a majority of investors. Today he’s one of the top equity fund managers in the United Kingdom, which is a level of success most would kill for. That’s because Joseph Ashford (London) took an investment approach to his life, in more ways than one. He put the basics first and, as a result, found success in his professional career and his investment approach.

Joseph Ashford: Becoming a successful investor in its own right, investing doesn’t come as easily for everyone as many people assume. In reality, it takes a mixture of hard work and a clear focus on your own goals. If you’re prepared to commit your time and energy to a proven approach, you should find that many investors share your ambition for the future. By working to live your life as a financial professional, you’re far more likely to make sound decisions for yourself in the future and more

If you take this approach, you can take advantage of many of the same advantages that those with wealth have. Joseph Ashford said, “We work hard, but we are there for the right reasons – because we believe in the business we have created.”


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If there’s one thing that Joseph Ashford has been keen to emphasize in the course of his career, it’s that the businesses that he has chosen to work with and invest in, have been, first and foremost, run by people. “The simple truth is that if you have the right people, then you will enjoy the fruits of the business far more than if it was run by an ‘efficient machine’,” he says. These days, Joseph Ashford is focused on the impressive portfolio of companies that he has created, and the groups of companies that he works with, not just in London but around the world.

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