PosiGen and Its Significant Impact on the Communities

PosiGen, a provider of renewable energy and energy solutions, was founded after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the homes of the people of New Orleans. There were different programs helping people rebuild stronger during this time, but only wealthy residents could access these programs. The founders of PosiGen saw how desperate the low-to-moderate income communities and communities of color were as they could not afford the upgrade. This desperation led the founders to create PosiGen. 


They wanted to help the disadvantaged people rebuild their homes by bringing solar to them by selling it in a fundamentally different way. PosiGen solar power company aims to make a difference in their communities and the world in general by providing solar power. By delivering affordable solar energy, PosiGen is supporting its four primary goals (Techbullion). 


At PosiGen solar power company, they include making a positive impact on the families they serve, providing job opportunities to the communities, supporting growth in low-income communities and communities of color, and making a difference in the environment. The company is trying to help the families installing solar to save money and improve their homes. It is not about saving money for the company but ensuring customers save every dollar. Diversity is what PosiGen prides itself in as they have made their mission to employ the people from the communities they are working. More than 50 % of PosiGen’s employees are people of color and women. 

According to PosiGen solar power company staff members, when they provide affordable solar, they are contributing to changing high-need communities in addition to helping the environment. Through their affordable solar, their customers can save some dollars on their utility costs, which are then put back into the economy, promoting local growth. At PosiGen, the chance for many people to invest in the technology is much higher when they are provided with affordable solar, which creates a significant environmental impact. Solar is known to have a global impact, but PosiGen assists customers in living healthier and safer lives. Their energy efficiency upgrades ensure clients’ homes are clean and safe places to live. PosiGen has steadily expanded since it started as it now offers thousands of solar systems installations each year. Thanks to their passionate team, PosiGen can make a difference every day.