Peter Briger – The Big Businessman

Peter Briger is a well-known participant in the financial services industry, a field he broke into right after he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration from the world-famous Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

He likes to give back to Princeton University when he can

Many graduates of colleges like to give back to the colleges they attended when they were younger. Not everybody can afford to give substantial monies back to the colleges from which they graduated, though Mr. Peter Briger surely can because he has worked towards being the best employee that Fortress Investment Group has ever had, a company that he owns about one-third of and is a billionaire because of – Briger owned so many shares of the likes of Fortress Investment Group – his extensive, exhaustive ownership of so many shares of Fortress Investment Group.

Here’s exactly what Peter Briger did in giving back to the place that he came from: he joined hands with Gordon Ritter and another graduate of the Class of 1986 there at Princeton University – the third figure said to Princeton University that he did not want to be named, which is a path that many big-time donors take.

The aforementioned trio created the AEF – the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund – which gave money that the three donors above had given to Princeton University to recent graduates of its business programs who impressed the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, a group of teachers, researchers, successful business people, and others who made the final call on whether to give that money out or not.

Peter Briger’s’ role at Fortress Investment Group

Mr. Peter Briger hopped on board the boat of Fortress Investment Group in 2002, just a handful of years after he got done with his tenure at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Briger is currently one-half of the lead investment management team there at Fortress Investment Group; he is known as the co-CEO of Fortress, where he has been on the board of directors since 2002.

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