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Dr Ira Kirschenbaum Are Giving Alternatives to Total Knee Replacement

Thanks to medical advancements, orthopaedic surgeons like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, are no longer tied to having to replace the entire knee. In traditional knee replacement surgery, the entire knee is cut out. However, as Dr Kirshenbaum explains the knee has 3 separate compartments. When only one part of the knee is diseased, the opportunity arises to just replace that part of the knee. Dr Kirschenbaum notes that he can often just resurface the end of the bone with metal on one side and high-density medical plastic on the other.

Dr Kirschenbaum goes on to explain that there are two major benefits in not replacing the entire knee. One of the benefits is that patients have shorter recovery times. Dr Kirschenbaum further explains that the other major benefit is that total knee replacements will often fail after ten or fifteen years and the patients will then have to undergo another total knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, partial knee replacement surgery is not an option for severe cases, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr Ira Kirschenbaum is a practicing Orthopedic surgeon in White Plains, New York. He specializes in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, complex revision joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy, and joint reconstruction. He was trained at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Dr Kirschenbaum is currently an active member of The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. During his career, Dr Kirschenbaum was the Chief of Reconstructive Surgery for Kaiser Permanente in the Northeast. It was there that he was awarded the prestigious James A. Vohs Award for Quality.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Helping Clients Achieve their Financial Goals

The financial industry is continuously changing, and one has to keep themselves updated on the current trends in the market. If someone has a fulltime job in a different industry, it can be difficult for them. It is the reason why people hire advisors to help them manage their money. But the problem here is that managing money is not enough. One has to invest wisely so that their money keeps growing and not stay put in your bank. HCR Wealth Advisors has experience in meeting the financial goals of their customers for many years now. They also educate the clients about the different investment policies so that they know what they are getting into.

Not two people are the same or have the same life. Thus, their financial goals and needs will also vary. HCR Wealth Advisors work closely with their clients and help them create a customized investment plan that is best suited to them. Apart from their current financial goals, they also help plan their retirement so that they can retire without the need of help and doing what they want to do. Even though there is always some risk when investing money, HCR Wealth Advisors help minimize the risk to a great extent. Since they conduct research on the factors that influence the financial industry, they can predict the future. The company ensures that their clients know the risk involved and still be able to grow their money the way they want to.

According to Analyst of Finance, HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered advisory company offering specialized investment opportunities to their clients. The company believes in having open communication with their clients and provide them with all the data and information they need to make a decision about their finances. The investment advisory firm wants to empower their clients by educating them about the different investment policies out there. The company has helped many generations of families with their finances. HCR Wealth Advisors creates a bond with their clients and go beyond their usual working hours to help out their clients in different financial situations.

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NetPicks: The Perfect Means To Provide The Right Path To Forex Traders

Many online trading companies know the fact that NetPicks can be the perfect assistance that any forex trader can use whenever they wish to improve their finances through forex trading. This has been a very powerful option that traders can use when investing in price movements of certain currencies, as well as find ways to prevent any loss within the market. NetPicks has assisted thousands of traders ever since the mid-1990s, source (

Forex trading has been a traditional investment method that anyone can explore. It helps them gain profit through trading with currencies within its very own decentralized market. This can be done over-the-counter, by contacting a broker to get it done, or by trading over the internet. This can be done across many cities, including the major cities around the world such as New York and Paris. Traders can also monitor the movement of the market through the means of charts and love services through the means of NetPicks as the program is designed to work actively within the market for more than 20 years already. This guarantees more efficiency in trading as live updates are being provided right in front of the trader’s screen.

Live feed and streaming features have been quite common across the internet, but NetPicks is one of the pioneers of real-time updating across the internet but in the form of the forex market. Since the market operates 24 hours a day, the help of NetPicks can be extremely important in monitoring what you wish to purchase or sell right away, know more on This serves as a huge advantage for many traders today. The app also contains every metric that needs to be observed within the market in order to fully exploit trading as the program will show everything already.

And if a trader is just starting up in the forex market, they will find it convenient to use NetPicks as it provides certain guides to get everyone started with the trading method. But take note that these are just guidelines to take in order to find the right lessons for learning forex. So new traders should do their research thoroughly as NetPicks is meant for “prepared” traders only. But note that all the aforementioned stuff about NetPicks are the exact reasons why it is guaranteed to be a partner of many forex traders around the world when operating trades in front of their computer, check



Robert Wes Edens is an American businessman, and he is an entrepreneur, a role model and a father to four children. He is one of the co-founders of Fortress investment, and he is also a shareholder in Aton Villa.

Wes Edens studied Finance and Business Administration at Oregon State University, and he is, therefore, able to carry out business operations effectively, make right decisions and also solve business problems more efficiently because of the knowledge he acquired.

He has held some of the best positions in various organizations, and this experience has seen him get a good managerial position. He has held the chairman positions in different organizations such as New Media Investment Group, and Drive Shack among others.

He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer at Newcastle Investment Holdings Corporation.

Wes Edens is one of the boards of directors at Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation and also a member of Fortress management committee, he is also serving as the chairman of that company.

Wes Edens ability to develop an extensive network of professional contracts helps the organization to have stable leadership. As a result, it engages in its day to day activities effectively without unnecessary distractions caused by unpredictable employees’ resignation.

Besides, he is the one accountable for the company’s publicly traded investment businesses as well as private equity. He owns a sports team known as Milwaukee Bucks which is National Basketball Association. He also participates in horse jumping and mountain climbing.

Besides his education, Wes Eden possess excellent personal skills and management skills which helps him to work well with other board members and employees in the organizations that he chairs.

Wes Edens has a positive and can-do attitude which enables him to work in different environments and work with people of different personalities in his job. His outstanding communication skills will allow him to communicate effectively with his coworkers and also share knowledge and experience.

He has served as a chairman and manager in many companies, and such expertise enables him to keep up with the ever-changing professional developments and also support others in development.

David McDonald, Still Leads OSI Industries Foods

OSI Foods has a strong team of executive professionals to back their industry growth. Their President, David A McDonald, a proud University of Illinois graduate, is passionate about the food service industry. McDonald has been able to use his expertise in food industry to help thousands of customers in the food network secure an organi processed diet. He has given over 25+ years to the OSI team and he continues to be a strong leader for their food solutions group. In fact, his goal is to bring more customers to the food industry than ever before. Get top processed food for your family or customers with OSI, says, David McDonald.

McDonald Contributes To OSI International Growth

The Dutch, food industry is a very popular food group and David McDonald, played a key role in building a professional relationship in a bid for the food giants. He was able to create a successful bid that will allow them to process their organic vegetables among their network. OSI has been able to help them grow their business food service network for a deal estimated to be worth $65.4 million dollars. In fact, they have also been able to acquire the popular Flagship Europe Food Group.

OSI Business Charity News

David McDonald thought it would be important for his clients to focus on serving the impoverished communities they feed. He was one of the first to enact a policy that would allow them to acquire a Chicago, Tyson food plant to help at-risk adults maintain their job position. He also donates generous time and resources to many local and international charities. They have been able to lend generous amounts of charity to the American Boys Club and the YMCA. Get an outstanding opportunity to find a diverse career by visiting their job listings online. Trust their team of professionals to help you find a great job from many locations around the world. You’re invited to learn more about David McDonald by visiting his professional LinkedIn account. Learn more about OSI from their official online website for more information. Feed your family smart with OSI.

Jim Toner Reveals Money Making Secrets

Jim Toner recently wrote a blog post that he published on Medium titled “The Secret to Creating Wealth.” He opens the article by discussing the science fiction movie, “They Live” which reveals Toner’s attitudes about the messages created to keep the population in check. He explains that one of the biggest things people need to create wealth is accurate thinking.

He feels that the subliminal messages designed to prevent people from thinking critically will keep most of the population in a subdued state of being. He feels that these people who are unable to break the cycle and begin thinking accurately will not reach their potential in life. He believes the ideologies of society prevent people from even trying for success.

One example he provides is the ideology that each person needs to go to school, get a job, and climb the corporate ladder. He feels that these are the qualifications people are told they need to have a good life. However, many never even try to reach higher because they feel that they aren’t qualified to do so. He recognizes that people don’t need qualifications to build wealth.

In fact, in a post from Thrift Books, if people looked at his qualifications, they would only think he was qualified to do minimum wage jobs. However, because he became a critical thinker, Jim Toner has generated millions of dollars in his various businesses. He has also written two books and has advised many millionaires. He was able to do so even after he just scraped by in high school.

He reveals that everyone is capable of making money and growing their wealth. One tip he feels everyone needs to do before beginning their journey to wealth is reflected on where they are now. He encourages everyone to look at their relationships, finances, and health to get an accurate reading of where they are. He also reveals that people need to let themselves want what they want. Jim Toner also encourages people to know that they are better than they believe they are. Everyone who spends time on Facebook only sees the best of other people’s lives which makes them feel like they are missing out.

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Ryan Seacrest Reveals His Struggles With Losing Weight

Ryan Seacrest has established himself as a jack-of-all-trades in Hollywood. He seems to be everywhere. Seacrest is known for hosting American Idol and the radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which provides broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals.

Seacrest has come a long way from being an overweight, self-conscious child. He attributes his success in the entertainment business to that transformation. The drive to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet gave him the confidence to pursue many different projects.

He also believes that his commitment to personal fitness is a stress-reliever. His goal is to be at the gym five hours a week. Seacrest has even been known to squeeze in a few pushups during commercial breaks.

When it comes to a specific routine, he says it varies. He works with a few different personal trainers. TV host Ryan Seacrest enjoyed swimming as a child and tries to incorporate laps as often as possible. Switching up his exercises keeps him motivated.

He also finds inspiration in his girlfriend. She plays against him in Ping-Pong and sometimes joins him at the gym as well.

Overall, he says, the key is balance. His weight loss journey has taught him the importance of this. Although he prefers healthy snacks like juices and almonds, Seacrest doesn’t limit himself. Every so often he orders pasta or a nice pizza. He’s also retained his childhood love of tacos. Unfortunately, he says, most of his food these days comes from a plastic container. It’s hard to eat regular, full meals with such a busy schedule.

His advice to fans according to the New York Times is to “do what you’re doing.” He explains this as a kind of mindfulness exercise. Before going on air for a show like Live with Kelly and Ryan, or hitting the gym, Seacrest tries to stay focused.

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Trabuco’s Fruitful Career In Banco Bradesco

     Banco Bradesco SA has been ranked among the top banks in Brazil and one of the largest Global financial corporations. It boasts enormous banking and insurance assets. The bank was founded by Amador Aguiar in 1943. He was born in 1904 close to Sao Paulo which for many years has been the state’s financial base.

Trabuco first worked in the bank as an intern at the Marilia branch. His dedication to the bank’s success was quickly seen as he helped use more effective consumer-based approaches in marketing the bank’s services. In the past years, many institutions treated all customers the same way but he used segmenting and consumer targeting to meet every customer’s specific needs which saw Banco Bradesco reach a wider market. Later, he rose to the position of the marketing Director in 1984.

This new approach saw the bank’s sales and profits rise to 35%. Trabuco had also been the head of Bradesco Seguros, the bank’s insurance arm. As the segment head, Bradesco’s insurance market share grew to a quarter of Brazil’s insurance market. This may not seem much, but if you consider Brazils’ population which is among the highest in the world, it all comes to light. Due to his work, he was named the Insurance personality of the year award in 2006.

He got a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a post-graduate degree in social psychology at the school of sociology and politics of Sao Paulo. The knowledge acquired and his exemplary work gradually brought him to the high-level executive team. In 2009, he succeeded Mr. Marcio Cyprian as the fourth CEO of Bradesco and served in that position for about a decade.

In 2015, Trabuco instituted the takeover of HSBC’s operations in South America which grew Bradesco’s banking and insurance assets. This acquisition had many positive implications as it would mean more account holders, a broader market reach and a significant blow to the competition. After Mr. Lazaro Brandao stepped down as president at the age of 91, Trabuco took over the top job at the Bank. Mr. Lazaro Brandao was the second President after succeeding the founder of Bank Bradesco Mr. Amador Aguiar.

Mr. Trabuco has had an illustrious career that saw him rise to the pinnacle of Banco Bradesco SA. He remains arguably the most well-known and esteemed personalities in the banking industry in South America.

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Penelope Kokkinides talks about the issues healthcare is facing with President Trump

Entrepreneurs that have been in business for long advice the people on what they can read so that to gain the needed knowledge and to achieve the success how they need to plan their day. Penelope Kokkinides that works at InnovaCare has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, and she has helpful advice to offer other people. The book that she recommends new entrepreneurs to read is Start with Why written by Simon Sinek. At the InnovaCare she is the Chief Administration Officer, where she is responsible in the daily management of the firm by being aware of all the operations that will take place in the company. Before she joined InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides was employed at Aveta where she offered her services as the Chief Operating Officer. The same function is what she provided to Touchstone Health. Penelope Kokkinides attended the Binghamton University where she got his bachelor degree in biological science, but that was not the end because she joined New York University where Penelope attained her master ’s degree in social work.

There is a recent meeting that she attended at the white house to talk about the issues that face healthcare sector that was conducted by Trump and administer Verma. At the meeting, she suggested that for the people of Puerto Rico they have a chance of getting the best healthcare. She went ahead to present President Trump with ways she thinks can be used so that to improve the procedure in the healthcare industry and the policies too. She was among the women that were invited to the panel so that to talk about the healthcare issues. She was not alone she was in the group of other professionals and executives. At the meeting, the things that Penelope Kokkinides talked about are getting the right funding for the healthcare sector in Puerto Rico area. She addressed the cut of $1 million that had taken place was more, and the people were suffering.

The hopes that Penelope has is that the administration of Donald Trump will do something about the funding for the advantage of Medicare and for the cuts that were taking place will be fixed. She knows that it will be the best thing for the people of Puerto Rican because that means that they will receive the best when it comes to their health. The funding will prevent the program not to collapse, and if it collapses, then the people will relocate to the United States where the cost is not better.


Just Who Is Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer research is in a great space now days thanks to all of the new advancements in the industry. Seattle Genetics, a Washington-based oncology company, is leading the way in cancer research thanks to its high-quality medications. These medications are known as antibody-drug conjugates, and they are able to attack cancer cells within the body. After attaching themselves to the cancer cells, the drug will inject its properties, which results in killing the cancer cells. All of this is achieved without ever harming any of the body’s good cells. Clay Siegal, M.D., Ph.D., is the head man in charge at Seattle Genetics, and he has helped to transcend cancer research.

If you’re not too familiar with cancer research, then you probably have never heard of this man. Dr. Siegall is one of the most well-known and well-trained professionals in this specific community. He has used his core principles to aggressively fight cancer. This includes rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation. He is also a master of his craft. Dr. Siegall has a brilliant educational background thanks to having a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University. In addition to that, he has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. As of today, Dr. Siegall is known to be a scientist, a doctor, an author and an entrepreneur. His plate is literally filled to the max, but saving lives is much more important than taking time off.

“I was always very interested in medicine and how technology is used to fight illnesses,” said Dr. Siegall. Cancer has touched most people in one way or another whether it’s directly or indirectly. Dr. Siegall’s father suffered with the disease for nearly five years. This disease lit a fire under Siegall, and he has never looked back. Though Dr. Siegall has been in the game for nearly four decades, his quest to eradicate cancer has never looked more promising than it currently does today.