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The Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is located in Fagali’I, Samoa. The airport began as a grass strip until 2002. It was at this time that it was paved and reopened. However, the Samoan Government closed the airport once again in 2005 due to safety concerns and noise complaints from the villagers.

Four years later, Polynesian Airlines were able to reopen the Fagali’I airport. The airline resumed international flights to the popular destination of Pago Pago, American Samoa. Not everyone was happy with the reopening of the airport, however. Villagers were concerned about the environmental impact that the airport would have. There were still safety concerns as well.


Even though the Fagali’I Airport is the second busiest airport in the area, do not think it is a luxurious spot. It is a no-fuss terminal. There is only one airstrip, and the terminal is as basic as it gets. There is usually only one person working at the terminal at the time because that is all that is needed. This person will handle everything from tickets to weighting baggage. Do not be surprised if you are weighed as well. There are no places to eat within the terminal, or shop, or anything else.

There are many things to do that are in close proximity to the airport. The Beach Tanoe Tusitala Hotel is less than a half mile from the airport. They are known for their nightly shows according to Samoa Dive & Snorkel is less than two miles away. The guides are experienced, and there is a lot of sea life to see. The Samoa Cultural Village is two miles from the airport and can easily be reached by taxi or bus. For a fun shopping experience, the Old Apia Market is the place to go. It is located two and a half miles from the airport.

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