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Dick Devos’ Organization Background: Furniture City & Stow Company

Certain locations are ideal for certain businesses. The successful businessman understands this. Is this why Businessman Dick Devos has built up his Stow Company in Furniture City?


Furniture City


Grand Rapids, Michigan was known for years as Furniture City. It had some of the highest concentrations of large furniture makers in the country. It makes sense since the state is well-known for its rich forest wilderness.


Due to being on the Great Lakes, Michigan was also a great location for industry. The very name of the city of Grand Rapids is from the rapids on the Grand River. This would be the city that President Gerald Ford grew up in.


President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout and Michigan Wolverines football player. The local Grand Rapids international airport is named after Gerald Ford. And that is where Dick Devos spent his time as a pilot.


Mr. Devos also created a charter school right at the airport for those who wanted to become pilots. Now, Dick Devos has his own furniture, home furnishings and home organization company – Stow.


Stow Company


Businessman Dick Devos’ Stow company is focused primarily on organizing your closets. It carries the Org Home, Easy Closets and Easy Track brands. The Easy Track motto is “as easy as it gets.”


Life can be full of clutter after you accumulate a lot of stuff. Now, the ORG Home brand can help you become more efficient. If you have purchased furniture from any of the top companies in Furniture City, then you might need a better way to organize your space.


The Stow Company storage solutions include closet organizers, garage storage systems, pantry organizers, wall beds, entertainment center, mudroom lookers, you name it. You can even have your home storage solution system customized by the Stow expert carpenters.


Building Upon Bedrock


So, when President Trump wanted to organize the nation’s airline regulator – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – where did he turn? To Grand Rapids, Michigan “Furniture City.” If the citizens of Michigan can build the furniture for your home, can’t they help rebuild America?


Pilot Dick Devos has brought his organizational skills to the FAA’s civilian oversight committee. There are bound to be numerous airplanes and airports, around the country that need to be better organized. His Stow Company has prepared him for this role.


When you need organization and rebuilding, you turn to Dick Devos. He is from the city known for building furniture. Now, America waits for Dick Devos to reorganize its airports and make it great again!


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Betsy DeVos and Her Desire to Improve Education

Betsy DeVos has become a very important person to the education system in America. She has created platform where she is able to make contributions to education and provide a better way for students to learn about new things. She has been an advocate of reforming education system, and her role as the Secretary of Education may finally give her a chance to do this.

Betsy has definitely been in a place where she has been improving the education system in Michigan and beyond. She has always been fond of charter schools, and she believes that this may be the answer for children do you not have access to high-quality public education. She believes that a leveled playing field is essential when it comes to education. Betsy believes that there is no reason for people that are in poverty to have restrictions on their education system. She believes that everyone should have the same equal choices to get a quality education if it is their desire to do so. She believes that there is a need for a staff that is passionate about education around the world. Check her website for more info at

Many times the teachers that simply collect the check and put grades in the grade book are not so passionate about the learning experience for their children. This is what Betsy DeVos want to change, and I think that this is what is needed in education. She wants to get more people in place that are actually going to place some type of value on the education system. She wants to be able to provide education structure where children are eager to learn. This is why she and her husband Dick DeVos created the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. They are interested in giving to education because they want kids to have better opportunities. Children that have better opportunities are going to be much more productive citizens.

This plays a role in lowering crime rates and increasing the gross national product. In many areas in education the United States is behind lots of other countries. Betsy Devos wants to change this during her time as Secretary of Education. She does not want to come in last place in so many different environments. What she would prefer to do is build an education system in the US where children can be proud of their ranking against other children in other countries. She wants the U.S. to become a country where innovation is key and fewer jobs are going overseas. DeVos wants American citizens to have the capability to do some of the complex jobs that have been passed down to other countries due to a lack of experienced professionals that are educated in certain subjects.

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