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Siteline Cabinetry: An Overview of the Simple Process

When looking to remodel my kitchen, I came across a company that really wowed me. Siteline Cabinetry is pretty new to the game, launched in 2015 by parent company Corsi Group, but they have a strong edge that many cabinet companies don’t have. The fact that Siteline is new makes it wonderfully advanced digitally. The website is very sleek and easy to use. I can also utilize it on my phone. The people I spoke with during the process understood that I wanted to handle things quickly and efficiently, with as much work done online as possible. Their team was also very knowledgeable and professional. Below is a brief recap of my great experience with Siteline.

The Process

The process of working with Siteline Cabinetry is very simple. First, a cabinetry expert will discuss your needs and vision for the project. They will also talk about things like budget and any timeline needs. Next, Siteline cabinet experts will design your cabinets. If you aren’t aware, many cabinet companies simply have a house full of pre-made cabinets. These cabinets can often be sitting in the warehouse for years before they go into your home. I credit Siteline for taking the time to build every single cabinet from scratch. It is during this phase that you will speak with a design expert. The expert will listen to your overall needs and vision for your space. This is also the time for the fun part: design! Here you choose your wood, color, finish and more! That is certainly always my favorite step of a redesign.

Once you have chosen everything Siteline will custom build your cabinets at their Virginia headquarters. Their team of manufacturing professionals will tailor each cabinet to your specific needs. This process typically takes only four to five weeks before your cabinets are ready. During this time, you simply kick back and relax. Finally, Siteline will install your cabinets. Siteline will provide the entire team you need such as carpenters, electricians and any other professional that will ensure you don’t have to spend time looking for various contractors around town.