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Securus Technologies Building WCS Technology to Prevent Illegal Communication to Go Through From Prison

It is not only essential to keep the criminals behind bars but to also ensure that they are not able to engage in any criminal activities from the prison. One of the ways these criminals in prison continue to stay active in the criminal world is through the contraband phones, and it is essential that this weapon in disguise is taken to handicap them and ensure safer environment inside the prison as well as in the communities. The development of contraband interdiction technology is essential, and one company that has made it possible is the Securus Technologies.


The contraband interdiction technology by Securus Technologies is the only technology that has proven to be instrumental in doing its job well and has been tried and tested in the live prison environment. Many of the officers have verified through their reviews that the wireless containment system by Securus Technologies does work, and is far more effective than any other means that has been tried conventionally to keep the contraband phones outside of the prison.


Recently, the entire nation was surprised and shocked when one of the inmates from the highly secured Evan’s Correctional facility shot a video and posted it on Facebook from inside the prison. It showcased the scale of the problem about the ease of availability of the contraband phones inside the jail even after so many restrictions and checks. The technology is the only way to keep total control of the contraband phones inside the prison, and it is this technology that Securus Technologies has developed and currently providing. The eight correctional facilities where it was tested, it managed to identify as well as prevent nearly 1.7 million communications from the contraband phones, which is a remarkable feat.


Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies announced that the company has invested over $40 million in the development of Wireless Containment System till now, and would continue to develop it further. The contraband phones can lead to many different problems, and can also prove to be fatal. One of the corrections officers who was shot due to the illegal communication made through the contraband phones, Robert Johnson, works with Securus Technologies now to help develop and perfect the wireless containment system. His years of experience as a corrections officers with a focus on forfeiting the contraband phones has assisted the firm in developing technology that works and didn’t let the criminals pass through the loopholes.


Securus Technologies is confident that the use of wireless containment system would continue to rise as more and more prisons adopt this safe and effective technology, and make it impossible for the prisoners to communicate illegally. The WCS by Securus is the only such technology that is tested, approved, and accepted in the industry.