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Sweetgreen Shows What a Healthy Appetite Looks Like

One of the issues with obesity is that the problem is layered. It is not just one issue. For one thing, obesity does not come just from overeating. There is a lack of nutrients in the food that is consumed. This is one factor that contributes to the weight gain in that people tend to find themselves eating more because their body craves nutrients that it is lacking. The bad news is that many fast food companies offer very little when it comes to nutrition. The good news is that Sweetgreen is offering something new that is a potential game changer.


The founder of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, is very passionate about not just providing healthier food, but actually changing the fast food industry so that more companies will offer healthy food. While some fast good companies are offering healthier alternatives to their usual comfort foods, they are not known for these healthier foods. Sweetgreen is known for healthy food. It also shows people that it is okay to have a healthy appetite. They do not have to worry about eating a bite only to blow up like a balloon. Among the foods that are offered at Sweetgreen are tons of different vegetables and lean meats.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru has stated is that people are not going to buy what is done, but how it is done. While Nathaniel Ru offers healthy food through Sweetgreen, he does it differently than other companies. For one thing, his healthy food actually has flavor. When it comes to salads, people can choose from a wider variety of dressing than they have heard of. This results in flavors they have never tasted before and a more enjoyable experience for people who are trying to have a healthier meal.


Nathaniel Ru shows that he cares a lot about the community and wants people to be healthier. Therefore, he is looking to not only sell healthier food, but also influence the culture into choosing healthier food. With all of the ideas that he comes up with, he shows people that it is possible to get some of the best nutrients from enjoyable food.


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