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Ryan Seacrest is a radio host, a red carpet host and a men’s designer of formal wear and suits. In addition to this, he also runs the production firm that came up with the Kardashian’s show. Moreover, courtesy of The Knocked Up movie, Ryan also got to be an actor.


Ryan Seacrest has a Midas touch kind of effect that ensures that everything he touches runs smoothly and successfully. He actually has American Idol, runs three live radio shows, hosts New Year’s Eve, does the red carpet interviews for E, and runs his own foundation. Therefore, he certainly has a lot on his plate. However, Ryan attributes all his success in multi-tasking to the excellent team that he has. This team consists of different experts and he hired them for their skills. Regardless of this, Ryan keeps abreast with everything that happens around him through daily emails and by constantly being updated by his team. Despite this busy schedule, Ryan still finds time to work out.


However, Ryan Seacrest’s impatient nature ensures that he gets things done quickly. The E! Red carpet reporter gets a rush from the live shows that he handles on a daily basis. Regardless of what many people think, he handles all his emails within an hour of receiving them. Nonetheless, he loves being on live radio because it has always been his dream ever since he was young. One of his biggest breaks certainly came during American Idol. The show propelled him to develop his business and to do even more. The radio host thinks that the lunch break is overrated and he never takes it. Instead, he prefers to eat on his desk while standing or even in his car.



Ryan Seacrest is the co-creator and executive producer of the Kardashian family reality show. He is also the creator of the Ryan Seacrest Distinction clothing line. The Emmy award-winning producer launched his radio career at the tender age of 16. The live radio host hopes to live a friendly legacy on all the channels that he is engaged in.


Ryan Seacrest managed to convince his parents to let him drop out of university because he had already figured out what he wanted to do and school would have wasted his time. He then moved to Hollywood to launch his career in broadcasting.

Michael Lacey: Professor and Problem solver

In society different jobs tend to have different levels of recognition or acclaim. Those that are athletes tend to receive the most publicity and mainstream recognition. People like scientist and mathematicians are always regarded as the most impressive and most people would be proud to say that they are a doctor in a scientific or math-based field of study. One person who embodied what it is to be a mathematician despite these societal notions is Michael Lacey. His work will help develop our next phase and is important to the future.

Michael Thoraeu Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. He was always intelligent and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He studied faithfully and received a PhD in 1987. This was under the direction of Walter Philipp. It was apparent that even from this early age that Lacey was special at math as his thesis was on Banach spaces. This early worked solved an issue to do with the law of iterated logarithm of empirical characteristic functions. After this early breakthrough he did work in the mathematical fields of primarily harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theorem. He soon got his first job following his doctorates degree. This was as a professor at Louisiana state university and the university of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. While here he worked with Walter Phillippe and contributed to the almost solved central limit theorem helping close the book on it. He continued to work, study, discover, and teach for many years. During a tenure at Indiana State University he began a study on the Hilbert Transform which was the topic of much debate at the time. Michael Lacey along with Christoph Thiele solved it in 1996 to much acclaim and a Salem Prize. Lacey remained with Indiana University from 1989 to 1996 and received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship membership for his work and studies.

Michael Lacey has contributed to mathematics a vast amount over the years. As recently as 2004 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship for work with Xiachun Li and became a member of the American Mathematical Society in 2012. Lacey’s ability to balance life as a professor and mathematical problem solver is impressive and he has received many awards. Though he probably doesn’t care about mainstream popularity I hope one day he and many other scientist and mathematicians get mainstream coverage to match their prestigious awards.

Why Joe Arpaio deserved sentencing?

In the United States, human rights are protected by the constitution of the country. Human rights as passed by the United Nations are supposed to help the people live in peace and harmony.

Human rights are supposed to make every person in the society comfortable knowing that they are equal to everyone else in the society. Human rights intended to eliminate the vices that are orchestrated by those in positions of power or those who feel superior to others.

Human rights in the society need to be respected by every person. No one should take for granted the important role that they play in the development of a country.

No matter the color, origin, region, or any other factor, a human being will remain a human being, and there is no way one human being will be superior to another.

Human rights in the United States have been prioritized. Up to date, this is the single most important things that have happened in the country. The United States has a long history where it has battled with cases of human rights.

Racial discrimination was the order of the day. However, today we can comfortably say that the country has progressed too much. The cases are now lower than it used to be. There is hope that with time, the whole issue of human rights abuse will go away completely.

Under the leadership of Donald Trump, the gains which have been made before seem to be threatened, but human rights activism society is ready to condemn any action that may not be in agreement with the human rights charter. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Human rights in the society need to be supported by all people of good will. One administration should not be allowed to take us back as a country.

Donald Trump has shown that human rights do not matter at all. He has pardoned one of the people who has committed great human rights abuse in the history if the united states.

Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County. In his role as the sheriff, he committed acts which amount to discrimination of the immigrants living in the county. He was so ruthless that many people lost lives and others were beaten senselessly.

Many immigrants were passed through the horrible experience of staying in a concentration camp before being deported to the country of origin. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

A person who had committed so many crimes which even involved deaths is now walking freely because a friend the president of the United States had decided to pardon him.

The case that finally landed him in court was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the owners of Phoenix New Times. Arpaio had mistreated the two.

They took the matter to court and demanded to be given justice. The courts settled on $3.75 million as compensation for the torture they went through.

Lacey and Larkin have been using the money to prevent such action from happening ever again. It should not be allowed ever again for one person to commit so many illegalities as Joe Arpaio did.

Tony Petrello The King Of Philanthropy

Who Is Tony Petrello?

Tony Petrello works for one of the largest natural gases and oil drilling company worldwide. He is very intelligent and has made his mark in life. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries, which is a drilling firm. Nabors Industries is owned by Tony Petrello and continues to grow. In the 1960s Tony Petrello founded Nabors Industries.

He is one of the world’s richest people, thanks to the pay he receives as Chief Executive Officer in the United States. As CEO, Tony Petrello donates some of his wealth to philanthropic causes. He has a vested interest in the advancement of research in the medical center and academic backing. This includes Yale University, where he supports the academic foundation.

Tony Petrello graduated from Yale University with a degree in mathematics. He returns to Yale University, to show his gratitude and appreciation to his friend, Serge Lange, Professor of mathematics. When it comes to the medical field, Anthony Petrello helps with his contributions to disorders of a neurological nature. During the hurricane that ravished Huston, Texas, Tony Petrello contributed money to assist in the aftermath of the hurricane.

A Medical Crisis

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are very successful in their business ventures. However, when their first child Carena was born, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This medical, neurological disorder affects the spine, brain, and nerve. Due to this disorder of the nervous system, it affects Carena’s ability to eat, walk and talk. This is a life-threatening disorder. This was devastating news, but being the fighter they are, they donated money to try to find a cure for this disorder. The research in the neurological field is limited when it comes to treating children. This became very disheartened to Tony Petrello and his wife as they try to find the medical help they need for Carena.

Working With Texas Children’s Hospital

Carena was born prematurely weighing just a little over a pound and has cerebral palsy. Tony Petrello made donations to the Texas Children’s Hospital for research in the neurological area of medicine. Tony Petrello donated seven million dollars to further research at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is a member of the Board.

Cynthia Petrello attends charity events, speaking about the disorder her daughter and other children have. These seminars are done to bring awareness to the severity of this neurological disorder that affects children.

The Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is located in Fagali’I, Samoa. The airport began as a grass strip until 2002. It was at this time that it was paved and reopened. However, the Samoan Government closed the airport once again in 2005 due to safety concerns and noise complaints from the villagers.

Four years later, Polynesian Airlines were able to reopen the Fagali’I airport. The airline resumed international flights to the popular destination of Pago Pago, American Samoa. Not everyone was happy with the reopening of the airport, however. Villagers were concerned about the environmental impact that the airport would have. There were still safety concerns as well.


Even though the Fagali’I Airport is the second busiest airport in the area, do not think it is a luxurious spot. It is a no-fuss terminal. There is only one airstrip, and the terminal is as basic as it gets. There is usually only one person working at the terminal at the time because that is all that is needed. This person will handle everything from tickets to weighting baggage. Do not be surprised if you are weighed as well. There are no places to eat within the terminal, or shop, or anything else.

There are many things to do that are in close proximity to the airport. The Beach Tanoe Tusitala Hotel is less than a half mile from the airport. They are known for their nightly shows according to Samoa Dive & Snorkel is less than two miles away. The guides are experienced, and there is a lot of sea life to see. The Samoa Cultural Village is two miles from the airport and can easily be reached by taxi or bus. For a fun shopping experience, the Old Apia Market is the place to go. It is located two and a half miles from the airport.

Find more about Fagali’I Airport:

Dick Devos’ Organization Background: Furniture City & Stow Company

Certain locations are ideal for certain businesses. The successful businessman understands this. Is this why Businessman Dick Devos has built up his Stow Company in Furniture City?


Furniture City


Grand Rapids, Michigan was known for years as Furniture City. It had some of the highest concentrations of large furniture makers in the country. It makes sense since the state is well-known for its rich forest wilderness.


Due to being on the Great Lakes, Michigan was also a great location for industry. The very name of the city of Grand Rapids is from the rapids on the Grand River. This would be the city that President Gerald Ford grew up in.


President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout and Michigan Wolverines football player. The local Grand Rapids international airport is named after Gerald Ford. And that is where Dick Devos spent his time as a pilot.


Mr. Devos also created a charter school right at the airport for those who wanted to become pilots. Now, Dick Devos has his own furniture, home furnishings and home organization company – Stow.


Stow Company


Businessman Dick Devos’ Stow company is focused primarily on organizing your closets. It carries the Org Home, Easy Closets and Easy Track brands. The Easy Track motto is “as easy as it gets.”


Life can be full of clutter after you accumulate a lot of stuff. Now, the ORG Home brand can help you become more efficient. If you have purchased furniture from any of the top companies in Furniture City, then you might need a better way to organize your space.


The Stow Company storage solutions include closet organizers, garage storage systems, pantry organizers, wall beds, entertainment center, mudroom lookers, you name it. You can even have your home storage solution system customized by the Stow expert carpenters.


Building Upon Bedrock


So, when President Trump wanted to organize the nation’s airline regulator – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – where did he turn? To Grand Rapids, Michigan “Furniture City.” If the citizens of Michigan can build the furniture for your home, can’t they help rebuild America?


Pilot Dick Devos has brought his organizational skills to the FAA’s civilian oversight committee. There are bound to be numerous airplanes and airports, around the country that need to be better organized. His Stow Company has prepared him for this role.


When you need organization and rebuilding, you turn to Dick Devos. He is from the city known for building furniture. Now, America waits for Dick Devos to reorganize its airports and make it great again!


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Securus Technologies Building WCS Technology to Prevent Illegal Communication to Go Through From Prison

It is not only essential to keep the criminals behind bars but to also ensure that they are not able to engage in any criminal activities from the prison. One of the ways these criminals in prison continue to stay active in the criminal world is through the contraband phones, and it is essential that this weapon in disguise is taken to handicap them and ensure safer environment inside the prison as well as in the communities. The development of contraband interdiction technology is essential, and one company that has made it possible is the Securus Technologies.


The contraband interdiction technology by Securus Technologies is the only technology that has proven to be instrumental in doing its job well and has been tried and tested in the live prison environment. Many of the officers have verified through their reviews that the wireless containment system by Securus Technologies does work, and is far more effective than any other means that has been tried conventionally to keep the contraband phones outside of the prison.


Recently, the entire nation was surprised and shocked when one of the inmates from the highly secured Evan’s Correctional facility shot a video and posted it on Facebook from inside the prison. It showcased the scale of the problem about the ease of availability of the contraband phones inside the jail even after so many restrictions and checks. The technology is the only way to keep total control of the contraband phones inside the prison, and it is this technology that Securus Technologies has developed and currently providing. The eight correctional facilities where it was tested, it managed to identify as well as prevent nearly 1.7 million communications from the contraband phones, which is a remarkable feat.


Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies announced that the company has invested over $40 million in the development of Wireless Containment System till now, and would continue to develop it further. The contraband phones can lead to many different problems, and can also prove to be fatal. One of the corrections officers who was shot due to the illegal communication made through the contraband phones, Robert Johnson, works with Securus Technologies now to help develop and perfect the wireless containment system. His years of experience as a corrections officers with a focus on forfeiting the contraband phones has assisted the firm in developing technology that works and didn’t let the criminals pass through the loopholes.


Securus Technologies is confident that the use of wireless containment system would continue to rise as more and more prisons adopt this safe and effective technology, and make it impossible for the prisoners to communicate illegally. The WCS by Securus is the only such technology that is tested, approved, and accepted in the industry.

Daniel Taub: Diplomat behind the good relationship between U.K and Israel

Diplomacy is one of the best ways to approach matters of international concern. It is the method that has been used by countries across the continent to resolve issues whenever there are some. It has become a tradition for countries to appoint ambassadors as a sign of friendship.

The main reason why this is done is to show that the countries have deep relations that need to be addressed with greater attention to details. To facilitate the engagements, representatives who understand the need for a relationship between the two countries are delegated the duty to handle the matter on behalf of the governments. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

In the history of the world, diplomats are the people who take care of the interests of a country in the other country. It is a practice that has become so important in today’s politics where countries are forming trading blocs among other treaties as a sign of cooperation.

No country can live on its own. Every country needs the support of other countries. The role of the diplomats becomes very important when dealing with such matters are on the table for discussion. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Two countries that are at the center of this article are the United Kingdom and Israel. One is in Europe while the other is in the Middle East. The two countries have established a relationship that has lasted for years. They have been cooperating on various areas, from trade to education and even international politics.

The friendship between the United Kingdom and Israel has never been better as it happened during the tenure of Daniel Taub. He was a diplomat who was appointed by Israel in 2011 to serve as the ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom; he was only going to serve his country in the country of his birth.

The fact that Daniel Taub was going back to his country of birth to serve as a diplomat was one of the best decisions Israel has ever made. Taub was aware of the British culture and would have an easy time navigating around the issues that took him there.

True to the belief of his masters, he did not disappoint. He worked so hard and was declared by the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom as the best diplomat who has served the country in a foreign nation.

Daniel ensured that his country benefited from the diplomatic relationship through education and trade. Trade in just four years doubled, something that never with the ambassadors before him. The two countries now enjoy better relationship due to the work of Daniel Taub.

Larkin & Lacey

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an outlaw in the eyes of people with more liberal views. He is seen as someone who goes past what he is entitled to do and breaks the law. Even though news about him was publicized nationwide, many people may not know who Sheriff Arpaio is.

Sheriff Arpaio is no spring chicken—he is an 85 year old man who has been working in law enforcement for decades. He has been accused of a vast number of injustices in the criminal justice system under his watch. People in jails were denied medication while others were restrained in deadly ways. There seemed to be more “suicides” than usual as people were found hung in cells.

Arpaio went after individuals who fought against his agenda. Many of the people who fell victim to his smear tactics include critics, opponents and the state general. Even President Obama fell victim to Arpaio as the legitimacy of his birth certificate was questioned.

A class action was taken out on Sheriff Arpaio, called Melendres vs Arpaio. In this suit, Arpaio was being busted for racially profiling Latinos to a horrific extent. He would stop Latinos, arrest them, detain them and check their citizenship statuses. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

This was a major waste of time for all of the Latinos involved, especially the large amounts of them who were citizens. As one could imagine, it must have been a huge inconvenience to go through that process. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

One of the ideas behind Melendres v. Arpaio is that it is unreasonable to profile all Latino people. It’s ludicrous to think that every Latino is an “illegal alien” when so many of them are citizens, and when so many Latinos naturally live in the American states that border Mexico. Some Latinos from foreign lands are natural born citizens, as in the case of Puerto Ricans.

In 1992, Sheriff Arpaio took office as sheriff after having been a Drug Enforcement Administration official. From the start, he partook in brazen tactics to embarrass prisoners and keep them on their toes.

In 1993, Arpaio set up a “tent city” for prisoners due to the fact that the local jails were overcrowded. The conditions were not very good in these tent cities.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Lacey and Larkin have been following the activities of Sheriff Arpaio for many years. Through constant patience, strength and perseverance, they have put up with persecution to dish out the truth on “America’s toughest sheriff.”

They are not that young themselves, appearing to be somewhere at the end of middle age or older in more recent pictures.

Focus on the Quincy Pizza Robbery and Shooting in New Brunswick, NJ

In the early 1960’s and 1970’s, a large number of white families left the city of New Brunswick, NJ. The population of both Hispanics and blacks soared. A number of development projects were initiated in the city as a way of providing employment to the people living there. However, the rate of violent crimes in New Brunswick has continuously been higher than the national average. Here is an overview of two incidents that took place at The Quincy Apartment complex.


The Quincy Apartment Complex


An apartment complex known as The Quincy lies next to the Raritan River at the Liberty Street and New Street, New Brunswick. This area has fast become a nightmare for people living there due to some unfortunate incidents that have taken place. The complex is synonymous with illegal guns, theft and shooting crimes, which have left a number of people nursing injuries. The security is poor and the police are overwhelmed with answering to shooting incidents and domestic disputes every now and then.


The Quincy Pizza Robbery


On 7th May 2013, a pizza order was placed by an unknown person in the Northern Building at the Quincy Circle, an area with more than 200 units. The pizza delivery man got to the place and questioned the residents in a bid to find out the person who had ordered for it. No one claimed the order and he made up his mind to leave the area. Upon returning to his delivery car he met three armed men waiting for him. They robbed him off the pizza, his money and shot him before driving off. A suspect was later apprehended thanks to cell phone information and charged in court. The suspect faced charges ranging from issuing wrong information, unlawful possession of arms, robbery and interruption of justice. Another person believed to have been a victim of the gunshots sought medical help at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.


Shooting at New Brunswick Apartments


On October 7 2015, a shooting incident was reported to have occurred at the New Brunswick Apartments. A person was shot and injured in the area, which has become a crime hotspot with robberies being reported every now and then. The shooting was allegedly committed by a gangster in an incident that involved around four shootings leaving one person injured. The injured person was taken to hospital by a person whom the police believe was the prime suspect in the shooting. The discovery of more bullets at the New Brunswick Apartments prompted the police to commence further investigations.