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Guilherme Paulus: The Newest Brazilian Billionaire

     Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who recently joined the list as one of the wealthiest people in Brazil. He was recently included in the Forbes billionaires list, making him one of the newest billionaires in the country. He found his success in the tourism sector, and he benefited a lot from the country’s growing tourism. At the age of 24, he co-founded the tour operating company called the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., and it was established back in the year 1972. He partnered with a politician who gave him so many advantages, but it left the company four years after its establishment. The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. became the largest tour operator in South America under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, and he did everything to make his business known all throughout the continent.

The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. gained the attention of larger multinational firms, and in 2009, 63.6% of the company was bought by the Carlyle Group. The price of the stake that they purchased is about $420 million, and it was expected for the company to list the number of its shares in the same year. Aside from overseeing the tour operating services, Guilherme Paulus decided to venture into the hospitality industry by founding the GJP Hotels and Resorts back in the year 2005. His new venture gave him the capability to control 15 hotels and resorts all throughout the country, and he kept on buying out new properties where he could build his hotel and resort. He preferred those properties which are near the airports so that tourists can be drawn easier. During the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Guilherme Paulus generated a lot of income because of the influx of tourists in the country.

Guilherme Paulus found his success in the tourism industry, and he stated that everything would not be possible if he never learned how to become a successful businessman. He thanked everyone who mentored him because, through the knowledge they provided, he learned a lot of things. He emphasized the time when he was still working with IBM back when he was a teenager. He worked at the tech giant as an intern, but this new world gave him an insight into what happens outside. He shared that his experience working with IBM developed some of his skills and expertise in the world of business today.

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How To Succeed As A Banker With Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

When looking at the list of some of the world’s greatest leaders, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi comes to mind instantly. Not only has he shaped the direction in which the banking industry has taken over the years, but he has left a mark within the banking institution, and that is worth taking a look at. For starters, he joined Banco Bradesco when he had no iota of knowledge over what banking is. However, through his determination, he was able to conquer the impending challenges and land several promotions. At the same time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became a team leader in most of the employee’s lives. For that reason, his story is engraved in their lives. Here is more about his early life, the journey to Banco Bradesco and his persistence in attaining success.

Joining Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a young man when he first joined the employment world. Working as a junior associate in charge of the administration department, he cultivated the virtue of patience and dedicated most of his time to understanding how the bank works. From that moment onward, the board of directors noticed his resilience and decided to elevate him further. That is how he became the chief executive officer of the company. In his tenure, he managed to introduce the bank to the media fraternity.


Roles and Duties

Additionally, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has perfected the art of dealing with different business partners to the point of winning their hearts when it comes to sealing business deals. For that reason, he has also grown the bank’s portfolio of assets from the initial 23% to 25%. Until now, the bank is a huge shareholder in the industry of financial services thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Getting into the Business

Carlos grew up in Marilia, Brazil. Like any other kid at that age, he aspired to be a professional leader. Consequently joining Banco Bradesco, he managed to land several roles that have now allowed him to chair significant leadership forums and even be named one of Brazil’s leading entrepreneurs. Over the years, he has been trusted to lead the bank. In fact, recently, he was entrusted to lead when Brandao de Mello stepped down indefinitely. First taking up his role as the president for about three months, Luiz Carlos Trabuco ensured that the bank and its employees maintained their scopes of services throughout the transition process.

The Transition

As of now, Luiz Carlos has been replaced by one Octavio de Lazari who is also the vice president of Banco Bradesco. While the replacement is entirely professional, it is also right to conclude that Carlos will be holding his initial role as the chief executive officer for some time. This is because he is influential in guiding the bank through the path of success. Other than that, he is vastly dedicated to helping his junior employees within the same jurisdiction. For that reason, he is regarded as an employer, team leader, and project manager. In fact, young entrepreneurs and business professionals who aspire to become senior leaders should look up to him in many ways.


Drew Madden Talks Developments In The Healthcare Sector In 2018

Almost every sector and industry has witnessed a positive development owing to the development of technology. The medical industry too is no stranger to this and has seen a significant amount of changes to its workings and systems with new implementations that have come its way. New technology has been able to open up new avenues within the healthcare sector which otherwise would not have been possible.

With more developments in technology coming our way, there is no doubt that the medical industry will be seeing a positive change. Smart hospitals are going to become more popular as basic surgical procedures now being able to be performed by robots. The way that information is stored and analyzed in hospitals is also going to see a certain amount of change. Hospitals are now beginning to make better use of software that can aid them with analytics. A lot of the administrative procedures at hospitals are also going to be automated further than what they currently are.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are also going to implement the use of social media and technology to connect with their patients better. More apps are going to be developed by companies in the healthcare sector to provide their patients with the information that they need. Things like hospital appointments and procedure bookings will also now be able to be made with mobile apps. Digital platforms are now becoming the preferred way to communicate, and the healthcare sector to is potentially going to be incorporating this in 2018.

Drew Madden is no stranger to the field of healthcare and IT. He is an investor who has worked specifically with companies in those two sectors, helping them progress their businesses into the future. He has worked with several clients through the years, offering them his expertise in financial planning. Currently, Madden serves as the President to Nordic Consulting Partners, a company which he joined in 2010. While working as the president, he has greatly benefited the outcome of the company. Nordic has seen incredible growth, both in their employee base and the profits that they are receiving.

Alexandre Gama Is The Best In Advertising In Brazil – And Here Is Why

     Advertisements are quite literally everywhere we look: on television, the Internet, adorned on billboards people see tens of when driving on highways, and everywhere else imaginable. Advertising and mass communications are very much some of the most important aspects of doing business that entities can and often do engage in.

Mr. Alexandre Gama is one of the most popular figures in advertising throughout the country of Brazil. He’s known by most people in Brazil as the owner and founder of Neogama, an advertising firm that consistently ranks among the top 20 in Brazil in terms of how many advertising revenue dollars it brings in.

However, Mr. Gama has also served several other companies throughout his 36-year career, has been atop several boards of directors of important organizations in both Brazil and in other countries, and won tons of awards that would arguably take a novella to detail.

Throughout the entirety of Mr. Alexandre Gama’s career, he has brought in 23 Lions from the Cannes Film Festival – the Cannes Film Festival – in France throughout his career for various accomplishments in advertising. By 2016, he had also been in the position of Jury Member in the Film and Press a respectable three times. Such positions are only given to those who have extensive experience in the worlds of film and press.

That same year, Alexandre Gama was named to the Global Creative Board of the Publicis Groupe, a committee that has six of the most important worldwide leaders of advertising and marketing agencies. The committee is responsible for innovation in the advertising efforts of the Publicis Groupe, a business conglomerate that owns some of the biggest companies in all of Europe.

Neogama rose to fame after it grew more rapidly than any other advertising agency throughout the history of Brazil.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Do Their Best to Help Minorities

Even in the United States, minorities often struggle with the things they need to have a good life. They have to make sure they’re doing everything right and they’re making the best choices for the lives they want to live.

Michael and Jim saw this and saw it as a huge problem. Even minorities deserve a chance at a better life. If they could do something to help them, they would do anything. They made a point of helping minorities in different capacities because of how much they cared. They also made sure the minorities got the help they needed to continue living in a way that’s positive.

There were times when people had to see what the men were doing to make sure it was actually working. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin work as journalists. They have different columns they contribute to and they also have their own site.

From their site, they talk about all the human rights issues in the United States. They want minorities to see they’re doing the best job possible to make things better. They also want minorities to see they have a chance at a normal life through the efforts the men make on their own.

Once the men saw there was trouble from what they did, they prepared to fight back. They weren’t sure how long it would take for the backlash to come from one of their articles, but they prepared for it.

As long as they knew how to fight back, they’d be making all the right choices to give people what they wanted. It’s their goal of always giving back that helps them through different situations no matter what issues they’re facing or what they’re doing that causes different things to happen to them.

Since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spent time learning about the things going on around them and the things happening in the United States, they saw what Joe Arpaio was doing. Even though he was the sheriff in the city they lived in, they wanted to do something to make sure people knew how he was.

It was everything they could do and they put a lot of information about him on their site. Joe Arpaio didn’t like that. he made sure the men paid for it. By having them arrested, he thought it would silence them. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Instead, the arrest led to them fighting back. Since they prepared for it for a long time, they had the money and all the options they needed for the fight. They already knew who they’d use as an attorney. Their preparedness paid off. The men settled with Joe Arpaio for over three million dollars. With that money, they could start the foundation they always dreamed of.

The Frontera Fund came as a result of the money they had and the things they did to make sure everything would work for them. It was their way of promoting a positive experience for everyone who was a minority in the United States.

Chainsmokers Enter a New Phase

Chainsmokers Enter a New Phase

The American duo, The Chainsmokers, have been in the music scene for a while now. Since their breakthrough single ‘Selfie’ in 2014, the pair has been involved in making music that is dominating the airwaves and working together with other accomplished artists in improving their kind of music and maintaining their brand. The duo has made music over the years and notably is the songs that made it onto the chart as top ten. These include; ‘Closer’ which they made in collaboration with Hasley. In the March of 2016, the song peaked the charts at 1st position. Others include ‘Don’t let me down’ and ‘Something just like this’ in which they worked with Coldplay both of which peaked at number 3 in the charts. ‘Roses’ in which the duo worked with Rozes and ‘Paris, this two peaked at 6th position in the charts.

In 2018, the chain smokers have been busy in the studio. In January 2018 they released a single ‘Sickboy’ which came after a nine-month period of not releasing a song. In their own words ‘Sickboy’ was just the usher to the new phase of ‘darker’ music. Its inspiration draws from the contemporary world and the darkness in it. One thing is sure though even in the next phase the duo is set and determined to make music upholding high standards.

True to their promise in February 2018, they released a single ‘you owe me’ whose video is not only dark but ironic. The video had over 34million views, and the song made it to the 4th position on the Billboard charts. In the month their ‘Closer’ lyrics video hit close to two billion views on youtube. In March 2018 they released the single ‘everybody hates me’ which hit 9million listens for the audio without the video.

In April 2018, the duo, Chainsmokers hit the top of the Billboard new dance 100 lists. The week with which they topped the Billboard was a busy one for them as their single had hit a high of 1million views on Spotify coupled with the epic ultra-Miami performance.

One thing is sure though, the new phase is exciting, and the duo is really busy making the music for the fans.

Bruno Fagali Provides Excellent Law Opportunities

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney who knows a lot about how to help people. He’s spent most of his career giving people a chance at having a great court case. He knows there are several areas of law he specializes in and that helps him cater to everyone who needs his help. Everything he does is based on helping his clients. He has strong ideas about what he can do and how he can make a difference for those who he wants to help. He’s always working to give everyone the opportunities they need for success so they don’t need to worry about the issues that come with having a terrible attorney.

When Bruno Fagali first started working in the law field, he knew there were things he’d have to do that would allow him to make the best choices for the business. He also knew what it would take to give people a chance at a better future. As long as Bruno Fagali knows how to help people, he feels good about the options he has. He also knows what things will happen if he can try to give the community what they’re looking for in different instances.

Even though Bruno Fagali knew there were things that would happen to him as a result of being a great attorney, he didn’t realize he would be recognized as one of the top attorneys in Brazil. Since people who are famous, people who are a part of the government and people who are very powerful trust his decisions, Bruno Fagali made a name for himself. He learned as much as he could about law and took that into account every time he tried something new in the law industry. He wanted to be sure he knew how to help people and that was part of the work he did.

Now that Bruno Fagali is successful, he went back to the place where it all started. He’s working on changing things at the University of Sao Paulo. He is trying to help them come up with new teaching methods. He believes in the importance of teaching people the right way. Since he knew how to teach attorneys to be the best they could, the university is using his skills. They’re working together to come up with the best teaching methods so Brazil can continuously have lawyers who are as good at what they do as Bruno Fagali.

Scott Rocklage’s 5AM Ventures Takes Leading Investment Role For Expansion Therapeutics

Expansion Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development firm which is trying to come up with cures for a number of genetic disorders. One of these is called myotonic dystrophy type I, which leads to adults developing muscular dystrophy. The had a Series A financing round which did very well, resulting in this company raising $55.3 million. There were four main firms which invested in Expansion Therapeutics in this round of financing. These were 5AM Ventures, Novartis Venture Fund, Sanofi Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins. Two other companies also participated which were RA Capital Management and Alexandria Venture Investments.

It is believed by those in the medical community that muscular dystrophy occurs when RNA hit toxic levels. Once this happens muscles, heart and various systems become defective. It is a hereditary disease and each generation has worse and worse symptoms. So far no one has come up with a treatment for muscular dystrophy which Expansion Therapeutics is trying to change.

The research that Expansion Therapeutics is using to develop an effective treatment for muscular dystrophy comes from Matthew D. Disney, Ph.D.’s lab. He is also the main scientific researcher for this company. He says he has been working on developing a treatment for this disease for the past 12 years and he believes they will come up with an effective treatment regimen. The first patients who will take this company’s medicines are those who have run out of any other option.

5Am Ventures, one of the main investors in Expansion Therapeutics, is led by Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. He first became involved with this company in 2003 as a venture partner and he was elevated to the role of managing partner a year later. He has a wealth of experience in the biotech industry. He started out as a researcher and over time transitioned to executive roles for a couple of different companies. He says he focuses 5AM Ventures on biotech startups like Expansion Therapeutics. His investment firm also uses their experience to help the companies they invest in by guiding them and their research, oftentimes on these companies board. Learn more:

Sahm Adrangi Trusted Investment Analyst

The Chief investment officer in New York City and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management provided a negative report on Kodak one and Kodak Coin. According to the article written in Cision, newswire stated that Sahm Adrangi believed this company would never provide any benefit for the company shareholders. Kerrisdale Capital Management, being experienced in his field managed to see something suspicious going on with the different movements the board members were doing the actions they were taking.

An investigation had to take place and everything had to be reviewed carefully to take actions and do something about the suspicious activity going on in the company. Eventually, a negative report was issued and people and shareholders now see something is not correct with KODAK ONE. Thanks to Sahm Adrangi and his experience and for his urge to always do what is right to investigate companies like Kodak among others.

Now, Kodak One has no credibility thanks to the report by the company of Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital. Kodak is working on trying to get up again because it is still an ongoing company but not even blockchain will be able to help it. Kerrisdale Capital’s focus is value and special situations investments. Sahm Adrangi has a lot of credibilities and he is one of the most trusted investment analyst known.

2018 Kerrisdale’s negative report came out and told everyone Kodak was in suspicious activity and now other companies are going to be more precise on how they handle things. Mr. Adrangi was open to take a conference call to speak about the negative report. The Kerrisdale Capital management team is very open to address the issue and gladly will discuss any questions or concerns that a person might be having. At 33, and being a graduate of Yale university Adrangi’s has come a long way.


Ryan Seacrest is a radio host, a red carpet host and a men’s designer of formal wear and suits. In addition to this, he also runs the production firm that came up with the Kardashian’s show. Moreover, courtesy of The Knocked Up movie, Ryan also got to be an actor.


Ryan Seacrest has a Midas touch kind of effect that ensures that everything he touches runs smoothly and successfully. He actually has American Idol, runs three live radio shows, hosts New Year’s Eve, does the red carpet interviews for E, and runs his own foundation. Therefore, he certainly has a lot on his plate. However, Ryan attributes all his success in multi-tasking to the excellent team that he has. This team consists of different experts and he hired them for their skills. Regardless of this, Ryan keeps abreast with everything that happens around him through daily emails and by constantly being updated by his team. Despite this busy schedule, Ryan still finds time to work out.


However, Ryan Seacrest’s impatient nature ensures that he gets things done quickly. The E! Red carpet reporter gets a rush from the live shows that he handles on a daily basis. Regardless of what many people think, he handles all his emails within an hour of receiving them. Nonetheless, he loves being on live radio because it has always been his dream ever since he was young. One of his biggest breaks certainly came during American Idol. The show propelled him to develop his business and to do even more. The radio host thinks that the lunch break is overrated and he never takes it. Instead, he prefers to eat on his desk while standing or even in his car.



Ryan Seacrest is the co-creator and executive producer of the Kardashian family reality show. He is also the creator of the Ryan Seacrest Distinction clothing line. The Emmy award-winning producer launched his radio career at the tender age of 16. The live radio host hopes to live a friendly legacy on all the channels that he is engaged in.


Ryan Seacrest managed to convince his parents to let him drop out of university because he had already figured out what he wanted to do and school would have wasted his time. He then moved to Hollywood to launch his career in broadcasting.