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What you need to know about Vijay Eswaran

Personal life

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is a passionate philanthropic individual in charge of QI diversified conglomerate. He has successfully managed to create a legacy with his exemplary leadership skills and intellect.

He is in charge of ensuring that the conglomerate thrives in all sectors especially in sales throughout the country. The businessman is mentioned widely as a mentor who inspires many through his corporate social responsibility and philanthropic works.

The QI group was founded in 1998 and has continued to diversify its businesses globally with its regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. His marketing and management prowess have made him expand the Kuala Lumpur-based QI groups to over twenty countries. He has managed to build a movement in multilevel network marketing his name as one of the most charismatic self-made leaders in the Asian continent.

Life Achievements

The astute businessman completed his studies at London School of Economics where he pursued a degree in socio-economics. He did menial jobs in Europe and later obtained a masters degree from the Southern Illinois University. Vijay Eswaran is not only an entrepreneur but is a prolific author and motivational speaker.

He has spoken in various international forums on management. His words portray an individual who dons many hats as a public intellectual and a proficient business tycoon. His books explain how individuals can make positive progress and become the movers and shakers of this generation.

Vijay Eswaran has earned numerous accolades in philanthropy and a massively successful economist of all times. He decided to branch out on his own once he had mastered network marketing he was exposed to. After a stint at IBM, he ventured out and together with Joseph Bismarck; they helped create the QI group of companies.

With limited capital and the economic regression facing China at the time, they managed to gain competitive advantage and made it a multibillion empire. The accolade the businessman has earned has made him one of the most respected Asian Businessman.

Forbes has classified him as one of the richest and influential men in Malaysia. His thriving businesses acumen has made the business to thrive despite all the shortcomings of network marketing.

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Jason Hope Of Scottsdale, Arizona Describes What He Thinks Is The Biggest Problem With The Internet Of Things

The following is a summation of what Jason Hope believes is the biggest problem with the internet of things.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona based business consultant, futurist and philanthropist. Mr. Hope graduated from the University of Arizona in Tempe with a bachelors degree in finance and also holds an MBA in business administration from Arizona State University.

The biggest problem with the internet of things according to Jason Hope is not security but the lack of connectivity and uniformity across devices. The internet of things is only useful when devices are connected and can interact with one another. If they are not connected, then the usefulness of the internet of things decreases.

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What Jason Hope is getting at is the lack of programs and the uniformity of them that can connect the wide spectrum of devices out there that we are currently using. A smart phone may use one type of program, while a smart parking meter may use another kind. If the smart phone and the smart parking meter used the same program and could be connected that would allow you to pay for the parking meter with your smartphone. Wouldn’t that be extremely convenient? You would not have to go out of your car and insert quarters or dollar bills. You could pay straight from your phone via a bank account instead.

Another example of where connectivity could play a big role is in vending machines. If vendors saw that a machine has run out right away, they would be able to refill it as soon as possible. The customers would benefit and so would the supplier. There needs to be greater connectivity and standardization to increase communication so that we all ultimately benefit from the internet of things. Full Body Cleanse is Designed to Help Shed Pesky Pounds


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How Fabletics stays winning in the fashion e-commerce market

The fashion industry has steadily been changing with time hence creating the need for stores to be dynamic so as to retain their market share. Kate Hudson is a Golden Globe-winning actress and entrepreneur who co-founded Fabletics together with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Kate has the vision to help women keep fit and achieve their passion but noticed that there was a shortage of affordable, high quality and stylish workout clothes for both males and females. Using their combined effort, they then came up with trendy athleisure to be worn for workout or casual wear. Over time Fabletics which started out as an online store has introduced new products such as socks, caps, gym bags, water bottles, gloves, and hair bands among others. Founded in 2013 Fabletics has grown to become an innovative and high-quality sports brand with a large digital audience.

A subsidiary of JustFab, Fabletics started as a subscription-based retailer but has since expanded into brick and mortar with more than 20 physical stores currently. The company has been around for three years has managed to increase its revenue by 35% each year amidst the prevailing market conditions where big names like Amazon control a significant chunk of the market share. It currently has a valuation of $250million and has reported shipments of more than one million. Part of the reason Fabletics have made inroads quickly is that of their efficient use of reverse showrooming. Owing to the unique way they started out they are affected positively by browsing because their relationship with customers registered as members. The result is that it then does not matter whether the customer buys online or at the store as it is just another element of service. This convenience and membership perks are some of the things that are making Fabletics to succeed albeit being a simple premise.


To compete effectively in the fashion industry is no longer based on a brand being quality, trendy and expensive as the current economics and peoples’ preferences have changed. Modern customers are now into quality service, customer experience, and exclusive design. To stay relevant one has to go the extra mile. To understand their customers better and know what they like Fabletics gives free membership to their clients. The subscription enables them to offer personalized services in regards to style and size of their customers. Once one is registered as a member, they undergo a survey to tell their lifestyle, fashion preferences and work out details. This information is used to understand the customers well and design personalized outfits for each member every month. For the first month, the two-piece outfit with a value of $49.95 but one is required to pay only $10. For the rest of the months, they have an obligation to pay $49.95 which is normally half the price of the outfit offered and if members skip they are charged the amount which turns into a store credit. VIP members get free shipping and free returns for commodities over $49.95.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Ricardo Tosto: Selecting A Proficient Ligation Attorney

Are you anticipating, or going through, a difficult legal situation in your business? Do you want to enlist the services of a powerful business litigator in Brazil?

If your case involves patent related matter, make sure you contact a patent lawyer. Before retaining or choosing the right patent attorney for your situation, it is vital that you know what type of service you’ll be getting. Moreover, the responsibilities or duties of a patent lawyer may actually differ according to the existing patent law of a certain country.

Once you have found a potential lawyer, you will want to have a consultation to go over your situation. The initial appointment should always be free. During the appointment, ask the lawyer how long they have been rendering legal services, if they have ever had a complaint filed with the bar association against them, and if they have ever addressed a case such as yours and the result.

The majority of people can be reached in a variety of ways, including cell phone, email, landline, post, and fax. Tell your attorney which method you prefer, and provide one or more alternate means of contact in the event the first should fail for some reason. Ask for the same information from your legal counsel so that if you need to get in touch, you will be able to do so in more than one way.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced and reputable lawyer in Brazil and he focuses on business law and corporate law. He has been delivering superior legal solutions for years and is well respected in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto is well liked in the legal community due to his caring attitude and winning legal strategies. He takes the time to learn about his clients’ business or organization and then comes up with appropriate negotiation or litigation strategy. He represents enterprises of all sizes and sectors.


‘Why Is Gold Rising?’ – Find Answers at New US Money Reserve Website

“Did you know that the gold price is rising?” Investments can be tricky because the primary goal is to buy them when they are “low.” Do you still have time to invest in gold? You should check out the new US Money Reserve website for answers.


“Do You Trust Mainstream Media?”


A Supreme Court judge can listen to an individual and surmise whether the man is telling him the truth or not. Some can listen to a used car salesman and determine the same. Don’t you feel like the mainstream media is not being completely forthright?


Fact: Some of the media members own the stock of the company, they are promoting.


These media salesmen hope that you will purchase the corporate stock, so they can make more money. Is that objectivity? No.


Can you find objectivity at US Money Reserve? Yes.


“Learn from Former US Mint Director”


First of all, the US Money Reserve is the “Only Gold Company Led by a Former US Mint Director.” You don’t reach this US Mint Director position, unless you are an intelligent, honest, reliable gold expert.


Secondly, the goal of the US Money Reserve is not to sell you a corporate stock, it is to increase your wealth. The website does not have “Talking Heads,” yelling at you to “Buy, Buy, Buy!” It offers you a “Free Gold Information Guide,” so you can learn the truth.


“Knowledge is Power”


The new US Money Reserve website is easy-to-use. What do you want to find? Do you want to learn “Why to Buy Gold?” Just click on the tab entitled “Why Buy Gold” for your answers.


The “Knowledge Center” also includes a number of objective articles on how various gold assets can complete your portfolio. The great thing about US Money Reserve is that they give you the “brass tacks” in and out of season.


A prime example was “Brexit.” When some media members were simply repeating nonsensical propaganda, US Money Reserve discussed the reasons why people were purchasing gold, before Brexit. And, the US Money Reserve even offered the gold Brexit coin.


While other websites might simply state that “gold is rising,” the US Money Reserve can explain why. Besides politics, the economic situation remains “unstable.” During these uncertain times, gold is purchased as a safe haven asset. You can find these answers and more at the new US Money Reserve website.

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Kate Hudson Fashion Brilliance Creates a Remarkable Fitness Movement


Kate Hudson is an international superstar with notable credits and success worldwide. Hudson, once a Hollywood star and Oscar nominee quickly grew to become an international star in the fashion industry. Based in Los Angeles, the author of bestselling pretty happy, modern mom and fashion icon recently added another incredible reputation to her career, a global fashion entrepreneur. Fabletics, which is her activewear brand, along with co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, has quickly grown to become an international operation with over 1 million VIP members and thousands of employees. These significant achievements have been achieved within a period of three years only.


In 2014, TechStyle, Fabletics’ parent company, gained a billion dollar valuation and a unicorn status. This came after Fabletics grew in a remarkable triple-digit just two years after its establishment. The company has opened over 18 stores and is planning to expand its market share by opening office branches in other locations. Outside the United States, the brand has experienced a remarkable international growth in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, UK, France, and Netherlands. Her approach to the health and fitness is unique, and it has primarily changed women thinking about active wear. Since teaming up with TechStyle three years ago, she has employed her fashion expertise into the industry enabling them to compete with other fashion companies such as Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon.


The first factor is vertical integration, which ensures that they develop a design and deliver in eight weeks time. Secondly, the partnership established a meaningful relationship with members and created an enduring relationship with its customers. Lastly, they ensure that the customers are served well giving them a reason to come back.


About CEO Adam Goldenberg


Adam Goldenberg began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 15 when he founded his first company. He became the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded firm and grew to become the co-CEO and co-founder of JustFab Inc, which is the parent of brands such as Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FL2 and Fabkids. During his leadership, the organization has grown to have over 2,000 employees and an annual sale of $650 million.


Before co-founding JustFab Inc, he had worked for Intermix as the vice president of strategic planning and later he was promoted to become COO of the same company. Adam met Don at Intermix Media, and the duo worked together until they formed their first company. In 2006, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand incubator platform.