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Chainsmokers Enter a New Phase

Chainsmokers Enter a New Phase

The American duo, The Chainsmokers, have been in the music scene for a while now. Since their breakthrough single ‘Selfie’ in 2014, the pair has been involved in making music that is dominating the airwaves and working together with other accomplished artists in improving their kind of music and maintaining their brand. The duo has made music over the years and notably is the songs that made it onto the chart as top ten. These include; ‘Closer’ which they made in collaboration with Hasley. In the March of 2016, the song peaked the charts at 1st position. Others include ‘Don’t let me down’ and ‘Something just like this’ in which they worked with Coldplay both of which peaked at number 3 in the charts. ‘Roses’ in which the duo worked with Rozes and ‘Paris, this two peaked at 6th position in the charts.

In 2018, the chain smokers have been busy in the studio. In January 2018 they released a single ‘Sickboy’ which came after a nine-month period of not releasing a song. In their own words ‘Sickboy’ was just the usher to the new phase of ‘darker’ music. Its inspiration draws from the contemporary world and the darkness in it. One thing is sure though even in the next phase the duo is set and determined to make music upholding high standards.

True to their promise in February 2018, they released a single ‘you owe me’ whose video is not only dark but ironic. The video had over 34million views, and the song made it to the 4th position on the Billboard charts. In the month their ‘Closer’ lyrics video hit close to two billion views on youtube. In March 2018 they released the single ‘everybody hates me’ which hit 9million listens for the audio without the video.

In April 2018, the duo, Chainsmokers hit the top of the Billboard new dance 100 lists. The week with which they topped the Billboard was a busy one for them as their single had hit a high of 1million views on Spotify coupled with the epic ultra-Miami performance.

One thing is sure though, the new phase is exciting, and the duo is really busy making the music for the fans.